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Earache Records announce UK distribution deal with EMI Music

LONDON, 2 JULY 2012 — Earache Records and EMI Music are proud to announce the completion of a new distribution deal that includes for the first time a partnership in the UK.

The deal also sees Earache and EMI renew their existing partnerships in Benelux, France, Norway, Finland, Denmark and Greece, as well as adding for the first time the UK, Ireland and Spain.

Explaining the deal, Earache Label Manager Dan Tobin said:

“Having enjoyed a fruitful distribution arrangement with EMI in key European territories for the last couple of years, it seemed only natural to expand the partnership. With the UK being very much our home base, we are looking forward to developing the label still further here.

“2012 might be Earache’s 25th Anniversary but we have no intention of easing off or resting on past glories. We aim to take the label forward for many years to come, and EMI have proved themselves committed, innovative and flexible when it comes to handling our catalogue. We’re very much looking forward to new possibilities in the UK and across Europe.”

Keith Sweeney, Director Label Services Europe, added: “We are delighted and very excited about further developing our relationship with Dig, Dan and the Earache team. Their A&R skills and their legacy is a testimony to what great music people they are and how much fun they’re to work with.”

The distribution agreement will take effect immediately and will include the highly anticipated new album from Rival Sons, titled ‘Head Down’, due on September 17.  Earache is also the home of great metal artists such as Evile, Savage Messiah, The Browning, Cauldron and a catalogue that includes albums from such greats as Napalm Death, Morbid Angel, Deicide and Carcass.


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