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Breakthrough UK group Rascals sign to EMI’s Virgin Records

LONDON, 27 FEBRUARY 2012 – EMI is delighted to announce that UK pop/urban group Rascals have signed a brand new long term recording deal with Virgin Records.

The London-based band, comprised of Kay Willz, Big Shizz, Tempz and Merkz have already worked alongside artists such as Tinie Tempah, Tinchy Stryder, N-Dubz, Roll Deep, Wiley, Ironik, J Cole, Bless Beats, Sway, Ghetts, Crazy Cousinz and Maxsta.

Rascals formed in 2007 as Lil Rascals when Big Shizz, Tempz and Merkz, then aged just 12 and 13, released their first single ‘New Era (beat by Dot Rotten)/Future Wifey’. Their follow-up, ‘Bang Your Headz’, went straight to number one on popular UK urban music TV station Channel AKA, remaining there for 13 consecutive weeks and staying in the top 10 for 25 weeks in all.

In 2011 they were joined by fellow resident of London’s Bow and childhood friend Kay Willz, completing their line-up. They changed their name to Rascals, formed their own label Class 90 Entertainment and released their debut mixtape ‘The Launch Vol. 1’. Today their popularity continues to grow with their YouTube channel now reaching over 50,000 fans a week, adding to a total of four million hits to date.

Rascals’ co-manager Elias Bally said: “We are very proud to have signed to Virgin/EMI. With experienced A&R players such as Jade Richardson, Glyn Aikins, Nick Burgess, Miles Leonard and EMI’s Premiership marketing team, it made perfect sense. We believe and both hope we can justify their decision to sign us and look forward to forging a successful partnership.”

Nick Burgess, VP A&R at Virgin Records UK said: “The signing of Rascals is something everyone at Virgin is very excited about. We love that they are a unique band with four individual stars and great songs. Rascals are a breath of fresh air for the UK music scene and we have no doubt that fans of all kinds of music are going to connect with them.”


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