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Blue Note Records launches rich and immersive new app for iPad developed through OpenEMI

NEW YORK & LONDON, OCTOBER 4 2012 — Blue Note Records, the finest name in jazz music since it was established in 1939, has launched a brand new app for iPad that is the ultimate digital box-set for both jazz aficionados and newcomers alike.

Developed by Groovebug, the new Blue Note App delivers a rich and immersive way of discovering and enjoying classic jazz recordings from the legendary label. It features a deep catalogue of seminal tracks to stream and a wealth of interactive content from iconic Blue Note artists such as Wayne Shorter, Dexter Gordon and Art Blakey.

The new Blue Note App, launching exclusively on the App Store today in the US and the UK from today, is free to download and features 30 second clips of all the music contained in the app. For a monthly subscription charge of $1.99/£1.49 all of the app’s tracks can be enjoyed in full. Features include:

  • Access to an initial catalogue of over a thousand songs
  • New music and non-audio content added monthly
  • Feature playlists, curated by jazz experts
  • User playlists
  • The option to dedicate songs to Facebook friends
  • Twitter and Tumblr integration
  • Song discussion pages
  • Detailed liner notes and album info
  • Photo galleries and slideshow
  • Historic newspaper articles

The Blue Note App is the first to be commercially released through OpenEMI.  This groundbreaking initiative, launched in partnership with The Echo Nest at the end of last year, improves and streamlines the music licensing process for developers in a way that is flexible and adaptive and incorporates a unique revenue sharing structure. The platform, powered by The Echo Nest, also gives developers valuable tools for recommendation and discovery.

Don Was, President of Blue Note Records said: “We are excited to be linked with the first app to be created through the OpenEMI initiative. As a label, Blue Note is not only dedicated to pushing boundaries musically, but also to developing new ways of connecting the label’s music with fans around the globe. Groovebug and the OpenEMI team have developed an innovative way to discover and showcase Blue Note music in a way that is consistent with our tradition of uncompromising artistic excellence.”

Neil Tinegate, VP Digital Projects at EMI Music, said: “Groovebug have done an amazing job with the Blue Note App, creating a fantastic experience that really brings this outstanding content to life. The App looks and sounds incredible and is a brilliant way to get completely immersed in the world of Blue Note and its seminal artists. The partnership approach of the OpenEMI process has meant that whilst EMI has taken care of tasks such as licensing and clearances, and now distribution and marketing, Groovebug have been able to concentrate on what they do best – designing and building a stunning app.”

Jeremiah Seraphine, CEO and co-founder of Groovebug, said: “We are delighted that EMI took the lead in pioneering a forward thinking partnership approach for working with technology companies.  The new approach incentivizes developers to build consumer centric products with business models rather than churning out more cookie-cutter marketing products that don’t offer value to the consumer. Ultimately the music fan benefits when forward thinking technologies like the Groovebug Platform are applied to amazing catalogs of music like the Blue Note jazz collection.“

Since launching at the end of last year OpenEMI now offers developers dedicated ‘sandboxes’ covering thousands of tracks and other digital content from EMI’s catalogue as well as sandboxes for specific artists including Gorillaz, Tinie Tempah, Robbie Williams, Pet Shop Boys, Professor Green, AIR and Evanescence. To date hundreds of developers from around the world have signed up to OpenEMI and dozens of ideas are currently at various stages of development including games, remix and streaming applications for a wide variety of platforms.

A video demonstration of the app is available here: http://gb.bluenote.com/. To download the app please go to: http://smarturl.it/BNiPad.


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  1. Just a heads up that BlueNote by Groovebug was featured in the Apps Worth Downloading column on Appolicious.

    Here’s the article

    We love the app, and of course encourage you to share our endorsement with the developers, and on your social media channels.

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