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PUMA announce Professor Green as their PUMA Social Ambassador for 2011

PUMA is delighted to confirm the appointment of EMI Music/Virgin Records UK rap sensation, Professor Green, as their PUMA Social Ambassador.

The London born entertainer – real name Stephen Manderson – exploded onto the UK music scene in 2010 with arguably one of the most memorable singles of the year, ‘I Need You Tonight.’ Professor Green will work alongside the lifestyle sector of the business on their PUMA Social events, press campaigns, retail and social media throughout 2011.

The East London artist took the music industry by storm following the chart topping singles ‘I Need You Tonight’ and ‘Just Be Good To Green’ featuring Lily Allen. The subsequent debut album ‘Alive Till I’m Dead’ was released to widespread acclaim, reaching number 2 in the UK charts to the delight of the humble 27 year old. Professor Green’s rise to fame led to a plethora of live performances culminating in a host of highly memorable performances at the UK’s leading summer festivals including Glastonbury, V Festival, Sonar and O2 Wireless.

Following the success of ‘Alive Till I’m Dead’, the UK rapper was understandably overjoyed to receive the much coveted ‘Breakthrough Artist of the Year’ voted by BT Digital Music Awards 2010. The rapper now boasts a number of music awards under his belt including the acclaimed ‘Best Hip Hop/Grime Act’ voted by MOBO Awards 2010 and ‘Dance Floor Filler’ voted by NME. 2011 promises to be another hugely successful year for Professor Green, and with his Facebook fan page reaching over 1 million fans and followers – he’s already living up to being a true PUMA Social ambassador and the relationship with PUMA promises to be a great collaboration.

“Signing up to the PUMA Social campaign is the perfect partnership as I am the perfect after hours athlete, preferring to spend my time in the studio and with friends. I am really excited about entering into this brand ambassador partnership deal with PUMA and being their first ever lifestyle ambassador.

“I also look forward to a wardrobe full of PUMA Clydes and Suedes in every possible colour.”  Stephen Manderson (Professor Green)

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