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Pink Floyd redefine their EMI legacy

Major Pink Floyd release campaign, Why Pink Floyd…?, to include unreleased music from the archives, collectors’ box sets and complete studio recordings remastered.

Pink Floyd and EMI Music, whose association dates from 1967, announce a comprehensive release schedule, to be launched on September 26, 2011, encompassing CDs, DVDs, Blu-ray discs, SACD, an array of digital formats, viral marketing, iPhone Apps and a brand-new single-album ‘Best Of’ collection.

The legendary band, who are still one of the most successful and iconic artists of all time, recently signed an agreement with EMI which has allowed the development of a multi-format programme of packages, many containing archive material that has been collated during an extensive process between EMI and Pink Floyd for a range of media formats.

The releases, under the banner Why Pink Floyd…?, are designed to appeal to a wide cross section of their fans, with music to excite first time listeners, while super-deluxe box sets will cater to dedicated fans, allowing them to immerse themselves in multi-disc sets, containing alternate takes, unreleased tracks, restored live concert screen films and a live recording of the legendary ‘The Dark Side Of The Moon’ performance at Wembley in 1974.

A series of different listening experiences have been specially created for this release:  in addition to remastered CDs called ‘Discovery’ and the ‘Immersion’ CD/DVD/Blu-ray/memorabilia box sets will be a series of ‘Experience’ Editions – coupling one classic album with a further disc of related content from that album to offer a deeper listening experience.

Roger Faxon, CEO of EMI Group, said: “This is a unique collaboration between EMI and one of the most creative and influential bands in history. We have worked together for more than a year on this programme which incorporates all the elements that have made Pink Floyd one of the most inspiring forces in modern music. Why Pink Floyd? Because their music is without equal and these exciting new releases will allow music fans to rediscover their incredible legacy and demonstrate that an appreciation for artistic quality never goes out of fashion.”

Storm Thorgerson, the band’s longtime Art Director, has overseen the visual design, including new booklets for all the CDs, new artwork for the box sets and menus for the DVD content. Respected photographer Jill Furmanovsky, has edited books of original unseen photographs. Pink Floyd collaborators James Guthrie (in the US) and Andy Jackson (in the UK) have been in charge of digital remastering to the highest audio and audiovisual standards.

Pink Floyd film archivist Lana Topham has supervised the painstaking restoration of many historic films from Pink Floyd’s classic era, included in the ‘Immersion’ box sets for ‘The Dark Side Of The Moon’ and ‘Wish You Were Here’.

First to be available on 26 September 2011 will be:

Expanded deluxe and special edition versions of Pink Floyd masterwork ‘The Dark Side Of The Moon’, in a 6-disc ‘Immersion’ box set and ‘Experience’ 2-disc versions, as well as a collectors’ vinyl LP and various digital formats. Plus 14 studio albums, digitally remastered will be available separately or as a box set.

Other initiatives will include a digital marketing plan utilising user-generated content to allow fans to make their own creative contributions to the band’s music, plus iPhone Apps which will give a unique insight into Pink Floyd’s recorded legacy.

On 7 November 2011, Phase 2 of the releases will include:

Wish You Were Here ‘Immersion’ 5-disc and ‘Experience’ 2-disc editions, both of which will include bonus material from the band’s 1974 Wembley dates, including a 20-minute tour de force live rendition of ‘Shine On You Crazy Diamond’, as well as a unique recording of ‘Wish You Were Here’ featuring the legendary jazz violinist, Stephane Grappelli. A collectors’ vinyl LP will also be available, as will various digital formats.

Released simultaneously will be ‘A Foot In The Door – The Best Of Pink Floyd’, a collection of their most well known songs, contained on one album for the first time.

The long-awaited 5.1 version of ‘Wish You Were Here’, mixed by James Guthrie, will also be released in parallel via independent label Acoustic Sounds.

‘The Wall’, which has sold 25-million double sets and has become a cultural and political touchstone over the last three decades, will be afforded the same exhaustive treatment on February 27, 2012, with deluxe packages including a 7-disc ‘Immersion’ set and a 3-disc ‘Experience’ edition. A collectors’ vinyl LP will also be available, as will various digital formats.

Pink Floyd’s official website, www.pinkfloyd.com, will be given a substantial relaunch from today. Pink Floyd’s FaceBook page now has over 11 million followers.

September 26:
All 14 remastered studio albums ‘Discovery’ editions
Box-set of all 14 albums with photo book
Audio downloads of ‘Discovery’ albums and box-set
‘The Dark Side of The Moon’ – ‘Immersion’ and ‘Experience’ editions, Vinyl LP and digital editions

November 7:
‘A Foot In The Door -The Best of Pink Floyd
‘Wish You Were Here’ – ‘Immersion’ and ‘Experience’ editions, Vinyl LP and digital editions

February 27 2012:
‘The Wall’ – ‘Immersion’ and ‘Experience’ editions, Vinyl LP and digital editions

In 1967 the band comprised Syd Barrett, Roger Waters, Nick Mason and Richard Wright. Barrett left in 1968, to be replaced by David Gilmour. Syd Barrett died in 2006; Richard Wright died in 2008. Pink Floyd have sold over 200 million records worldwide to date.

www.pinkfloyd.com www.facebook.com/pinkfloyd

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32 Comments so far. Leave a comment below.
  1. Chris Veitch,

    This is great news! After the brilliant multichannel version on SACD of DSOM to get more Pink Floyd in SACD 5.1 will be brilliant! This is a genuine reissue which will offer a really new listening experience and not just churn out the same album which no one really wants as they already have it. This is really imaginative and bold and to be thoroughly welcomed. So come on EMI, open up the rest of your catalogue in this way, there are many SACD multichannel supporters who would love to listen to many albums you have in the vaults in surround sound, but not on a DVD please, an SACD will do nicely thanks!

  2. Peter Suthers,

    At long last the 5.1 WYWH might be released at long last. I also have the DSOM SACD its fabulous. I note however that its not going to be an EMI release. EMI has a huge catalogue of surround recordings made in the 1970s, Pentatone have proved, using the Philips recordings, that there is a commercial market for these on SACD. EMI should follow their example and open up your vaults to a similar Company to market. Please don’t get carried away with yet more formats, Hybrid SACD is ideal for these recordings, many Blu-ray players, Play Stations etc will play multi channel SACDs so the customer already has the hardware to play the disks on.

  3. TrickiDicki,

    Does this mean The Wall will be released on SACD too? Oh please oh please oh please

  4. Matt,

    This is fantastic. Would love to listen to ‘Dark side of the moon’ or ‘Wish you were hear’ in 24bit 96Khz format.
    Hope they get James Guthrie to do a lot more in 5.1 surround for all the albums. Imagine ‘The Wall’ in 5.1 surround. I hope he has really gone to town with the 5.1 mix. Nothing worse than hearing the odd sound coming from the rear speakers. Surround sound is a new format and needs a new mix. If you don’t like it – put on the vinyl LP and listen to the stereo mix. Don’t understand why some engineers are afraid to push the boundaries of surround sound and bring people a new version of the sound they love.

  5. Frank Dolce,

    This *is* good news – I hope there will be 24/96 stereo and multi-channel versions of everything and that the original dynamics and sound of the master tapes are preserved. Please use the recent King Crimson releases as a template. The sound and treatment of those are of the highest caliber. In fact you could do worse than to hire Steven Wilson to help out! Or Neil Wilkes of Opus Productions in London for that matter. Darcy Proper has done an amazing job with some of the Porcupine Tree releases. Just a suggestion :-)
    Darn I just bought “Animals” the other day and was thinking how much I would like to hear it in hi-res!

  6. thanks, can’t wait to watch to it <3

  7. Michael J,

    A long awaited SACD-reissue! My wallet is already open and my ears are eager.

  8. joel,

    24bit 96khz Audio Blu Ray or DVD

    I will agree with poster Matt: I would LOVE to own a 24bit 96Khz format disc
    of Wish You Were Here the 1975 Masterpiece

    while I may buy the SACD version of these, from my experience the sound of
    DVD-Audio 96-192khz sounds more NATURAL then SACD.
    Wish Pink Floyd Lmd knew this….

    -being cd format is only on 44khz, this is my only concern that a fancy version in this format will not be good enough to really lay out the $$$ for it.-

  9. Jiri Englis,

    What do you think? Can we expect another Pink Floyd’s albums in Immersion Editions ?


    Parsons’ Dark Side Quad mix superior to the SACD by miles. I cannot believe it’s being offered as lossy DVD, but not lossless 24/96 on the Blu-ray. Please rectify this!


  11. dmitrir,

    Any hope for some unreleased material with Syd?

  12. Graham Rodger,

    Will there be a Japanese pressing for these items, or only USA and Europe…?

  13. Richard Rootes,

    Agree 100% with previous posts – I only buy SACDs, and would be a very willing customer, purchasing these Pink Floyd discs in a heartbeat. Please don’t abandon this extraordinary UNDUPLICATABLE medium

  14. i need a 200gr 45rpm vinyl audiophile version of all Pink Floyd discs remasters of the original tapes… Like HDTT do with classic music, I will paid for it, really.
    Good news… ;-)

  15. Kevin West,

    Would love the pink floyd reissues in FLAC 24bit version, just like the apple memory stck that was released for the Beatles. Divine.

  16. strane,

    Sorry, but I can’t find any information that tell us that there will be any SACD- versions of masterpieces like The Wall, Wish you were here and Animals. I was hoping they would follow Genesis and release almost everything in 5.1,but no, this is not the case. Some compressed Dolby digital or DTS is not good audio. Disappointing.

  17. Pink Floyd celebrate their 45th anniversary in 2012.

  18. Mark Montgomery,

    I am so pumped that EMI and Pink Floyd are doing this. I’m most excited about the Blu-Ray Audio in 24bit/96k. I too, would love to see the box set to include PARSONS QUAD MIX IN 24/96 on blu-ray. I won’t say its better and James Guthrie’s version but when we are going to spend that kind of money it would be nice to have it in 24bit. That should be an easy fix before Sept. My request for other Immerse boxset would be Animals, Meddle, Divison Bell, and PULSE. All having Blu-Ray audio. Thank You so Much EMI !!

  19. Keith,

    Great to see teh new Pink Floyd Immesion sets, Not sure what you are doing on teh DVD discs why just Dolby Digital for them and not DTS and DVDA which worked so well for the Beatles ‘Love’ album This really is about teh music so why use a neutered format,. Further as you are including a Blu ray disc why not include theoriginal Quad mixes mixes in hi rez on them ?
    Also I could quite happily have the marbles and scarfs etc removed from teh boxes and have the cost brought down considerably.
    Again its about the music i dont need the other bits.

    lastly any chance of Atom Heart Mother Immesion set with the quad mix of that album ?

  20. strat54,

    Blu-Ray/SACD/DVD-A surround high resolution discs, including 24/96k Quad mixes. That is all I’m interested in buying. I have been supporting PF since the sixties. EMI please make it happen. referred by QQ

  21. samslff,

    As a young pink floyd fan without all the albums, do you think it is worth waiting to continue collecting? I was going to buy Atom Heart Mother or piper soon, but should I wait for the “discovery” remaster?

  22. Wayne Erfling,

    After an initial mention of SACD the article never mentions the format again.

    I’m one of those waiting for WYWH in 5.1, and I’ll take a lossy format (e.g. DTS on DVD) if I have to, but I hope it will be SACD / multi. I have nothing against the DVD-Audio format other than it is dead, dead, dead except for occasional “boutique” releases, while regular SACD releases continue (though far too few in English language pop).

    Wanna play these in your car? Sony MEX-DV2200 (and previous model MEX-DV2000) are the only automotive surround SACD players I know.

  23. Wayne Erfling,

    Acoustic Sounds has pre-orders for some of the new releases, but not for any 5.1 release of WYWH (in any fiormat).

    Not another tease, I hope !

    I’m buying at least two copies if it really comes out.

  24. Tim,

    Count me in for the sa-cd. I will buy at least 2 copies like Wayne :) Just to support the format and Analogue Productions (always doing a great mastering job). MFSL, Audio Fidelity and AP are my preferred labels when it comes to good mastering. Wouldn’t it be a good idea if EMI joins forces with those labels to master some hybrid sacd’s of “legendary albums”?

  25. Chris Veitch,

    How disappointing this all is after the expectations that have been built up. IIt would have been nice to see EMI and the band work just that bit harder and think this re-release through. The SACD surround version of Wish You Were Here will cost $35 if you are in the States or a minimum of $50 plus shipping and import costs, making this a very expensive purchase. They are alienating a number of fans by making the release this way. Why EMI was not consistent in its policy and released this album in surround in the same way as they did with the SACD release of the 30th anniversary album of Dark Side of the Moon is beyond me. I don’t want to buy yet another re-mastered cd I want something that is truly different, special and above all affordable, which is the SACD surround version of not only this but most albums. EMI and other majors fail to step up to the mark and disappoint as they seem to be so out of touch with what many people do want, but as ever, we have no choice and are in their hands. This is equally disappointing given the current economic climate when many will not be able to afford expensive sets but want surround versions. Surround sound SACDs can be released as normal CD prices, so why not Pink Floyd’s albums, they have done it once, why can’t they do it again?

  26. Bofsensai,

    Yes, lets be oh so grateful: ‘It would be so nice’ to get these formats before most of the original fans go to their own great gig in the sky, so first, my unloved Floydian fan thanks to Andy and James for their efforts there, but after the first flush of excitement, sensible to see last observation realising basically this is just another ‘gravy’ milking exercise on behalf of EMI and largely disdainful band members:
    huge amounts of archive stuff could’ve finally been unearthed a la most orther contemporaries of Floyd have already done, but still, no -
    In this current econmnomic climate, borderline cynical.
    Consider the lyrics of Dogs’ again; how presciently put by that lyricist!

  27. Joe,

    Will there be any live recording with regards to the 1977 Animals album? I would love to hear some live versions other than bootlegs, one of my favs that one. :)

  28. Eugene,

    The thought that has gone into both Immersion sets thus far and the Discovery box is appalling. The packaging is utter garbage and all those involved should hang their heads in shame. Any Floyd forum and the major retail sites are full of unhappy customers who have received scratched discs or damaged content. Pink Floyd’s integrity and legacy is being battered by this I can assure you.

    Remove my comment as I am sure you will but know that you are guilty of fleecing diehard fans again.

  29. Eugene,

    Just as an added bonus the blu-ray 5.1 mix that myself and other U.K. and European buyers of the WYWH set received has three loud glitches at the end of it so well done on messing that up as well.

    Amateur garbage.

  30. Mike,

    Just to add that the UK release is confirmed as having a faulty Blu-ray (on the 5.1mix) – It appears that the USA version is problem free. Could someone from EMI please comment as to their solution?

  31. Chuck,

    Glad I downloaded this instead of paying for it. Unless the proceeds are going towards charity or something I don’t feel the need to line EMI’s pockets further by purchasing the 80th remasters. Granted, these are the best remasters out but I’ve already paid for others and will gladly pirate these for free. Thanks for releasing stuff that we all had already, instead of actually unearthing some new material for diehard fans which surely there is plenty.

  32. Rleak,

    What a shame, reviews of all 3 immersion editions have been dire. Glass master mistakes on WYWH re-releases of stuff we already have, no 5.1 mix of the wall, oh dear… I won’t be buying based on these reviews. Amazon added reviews of the normal album to make the ratings look better. Such a shame from a band that epitomised leading edge, quality and musical revolution.

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