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Gorillaz ‘The Fall’ confirmed for release in April

Gorillaz fan club download ‘The Fall’ has been confirmed for a full release next month. The album will be released on 180gm vinyl for Record Store Day on April 16 (in countries participating in Record Store Day) and then as a CD and digital download on April 18 (April 19 in the US).


The album was created during the Gorillaz North American tour last year, recorded on a daily basis in various hotels and venues. A download of ‘The Fall’ was originally gifted to members of the Gorillaz fan club on December 25, 2010 and now the 15-track album, which was produced by Gorillaz and Stephen Sedgwick, will be available to all.

The full track listing of The Fall is:

1.         Phoner To Arizona
2.         Revolving Doors
3.         HillBilly Man
4.         Detroit
5.         Shy-town
6.         Little Pink Plastic Bags
7.         The Joplin Spider
8.         The Parish of Space Dust
9.         The Snake In Dallas
10.       Amarillo
11.       The Speak It Mountains
12.       Aspen Forest
13.       Bobby In Phoenix – featuring Bobby Womack
14.       California And The Slipping Of The Sun
15.       Seattle Yodel


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