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EMI Music Arabia and Souq.com Bring Music to Ears of Consumers

Convenience and value at the touch of a button for the first time in UAE

EMI Music, one of the world’s leading music companies, and Souq.com, the largest online marketplace in the UAE, have launched a brand new platform for customers to purchase music and related merchandise online. Consumers can now choose from a selection of over 6,000 albums on the ‘EMI Music Store’ on Souq.com. This is the first time such a large range of CDs has been made available online in the Middle East.

In the EMI Music Store, customers can browse at ease through EMI’s unrivalled catalogue, the most diverse and comprehensive available in the Middle East. It includes releases from EMI Music, Warner Music and Walt Disney Records, independent music labels distributed by EMI as well as EMI Music Arabia’s extensive roster of Arabic artists and music from the Middle East. EMI’s catalogue of local music is one of the richest and deepest in the region, including the finest compilations from the Arabic, Levant and Khaliji genres which have not previously been available to purchase online.

The EMI Music Store is Souq.com’s very first music store. The CDs and other merchandise from EMI will be delivered directly to the customers’ doorstep and with over five methods of payment available, including cash on delivery; each order will be delivered in a convenient, safe and timely manner.

Whether it’s the latest release hot off the charts, a limited edition box-set or a seminal catalogue album from your favourite artist, every genre of music, from classical to jazz heavy metal to funk and countless others is available in the EMI Music Store on Souq.com.

Abhijit Mitra, Chairman of EMI Music Arabia, said: “This partnership with Souq.com gives our artists a fantastic new platform to reach their fans in the region. The EMI Music Store on Souq.com brings music closer to consumers, giving them much greater choice in the way they discover, purchase and enjoy music and we’re very excited about its potential.”

“Souq.com has fast become a destination for customers who want a diverse product range, coupled with convenience and security at a competitive price,” said Ronaldo Mouchawar, CEO of Souq.com.

“Music lovers searching for their favourite tunes will find an exceptional catalogue on the EMI Music store; rare albums and collectors’ editions are now just a click away. For extra peace of mind, Souq.com’s ‘Safe Pay’ service guarantees customers secure transactions and an exceptional customer satisfaction policy,” concluded Mouchawar.

In addition to the music store, a range of merchandise will also be available through the ‘EMI Merchandise Store’ such as the popular Pacha brand from Ibiza with its range of designer headsets, speakers, and related accessories.

The EMI Music Store and EMI Merchandise Store on Souq.com is now live and is currently available to consumers in the UAE. Further expansion across the Middle East is expected throughout 2011. To find the EMI Music Store online please visit: www.Souq.com/EMImusicstore or www.Souq.com/EMImerchandisestore.


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