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EMI Music and Live Gamer Partner to Create Social Monetization Apps on Facebook

Professor Green Launches Innovative New “Inconvenience Store” App For Fans

New York, October 11, 2011 – Live Gamer (www.livegamer.com), the world’s first combined digital commerce and advertising platform for the interactive entertainment industry, and EMI Music, one of the world’s leading music companies and home to some of the most successful and best known recording artists, have partnered to bring highly effective social game mechanics and new ways of building fan engagement and commercial opportunities to Facebook artist pages.

The first artist to benefit from this collaboration is EMI Music/Virgin Records UK rap star, Professor Green. Professor Green fans are now able to launch into “The Inconvenience Store” directly from the artist’s Facebook fan page and buy Greenbacks, a virtual currency, with real money or earn Greenpoints, virtual credits, by watching artist videos, answering trivia questions and engaging in other aspects of the Professor Green’s digital life. Each class of currency is then redeemable for virtual goods.

The Inconvenience Store leverages Live Gamer’s flagship Elements platform to handle e-wallet, catalog management, storefronts and merchandising, and also takes full advantage of new features on the Facebook platform for users to share, collect and message out to friends and other Professor Green fans.

“EMI Music is always looking to develop and support exciting new ways for people everywhere to interact with their favorite artists,” said Neil Tinegate, VP Digital Projects at EMI Music. “Live Gamer’s expertise in virtual goods and engagement combined with the global reach of the Facebook platform gives our artists, starting with Professor Green, a whole range of new opportunities to reach out to and engage directly with their fans.”

“EMI Music is one of the first labels to truly recognize the opportunity for new fan experiences that take full advantage of game mechanics and social monetization opportunities,” said Andrew Schneider, President and Co-Founder for Live Gamer. “By leveraging our e-commerce solutions that have been proven in for years in the online games industry, we’re able to create a powerful direct-to-consumer experience channel to millions of Facebook fans for EMI.”
Live Gamer technology has been driving revenue online since 2001, and offers a total revenue offering for online entertainment companies, including international payment gateways, advanced virtual goods merchandising functionality, deep analytics, virtual item gifting, virtual currencies, item storefronts, robust catalog management, cash-in flows, a video engagement platform and much more.

Visit EMI’s first dynamic fan page for Professor Green here. To learn more about Live Gamer and its virtual items management solutions, visit www.livegamer.com.

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