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2011 news

Exclusive Beatles ‘Yellow Submarine’ Book Available Free On Apple’s iBookstore Starting Today

EMI Music artists and releases score 31 nominations for 54th annual Grammy Awards

Bastille and Eric Prydz join Virgin Records

Peter Gabriel and EMI extend long running partnership

The Echo Nest and EMI Music Team for ‘OpenEMI’ and App Innovation

EMI Music and Live Gamer Partner to Create Social Monetization Apps on Facebook

Ryan Adams signs with EMI/Capitol Records

Blue Note Records names Don Was as Chief Creative Officer

MXP4 and EMI expand the use of music in social gaming

Sir Bruce Forsyth and Twiggy join EMI Music

EMI Group to explore strategic alternatives

EMI Music relaunches I.R.S. Records as new frontline label

Abbey Road Live to record Peter Frampton’s 35th anniversary tour ‘Frampton Comes Alive! ’

EMI Classics celebrates hat trick of awards at Classic BRIT Awards

Pink Floyd redefine their EMI legacy

Sony Ericsson and Orange announce a new entertainment partnership as they join forces with David Guetta to bring an exclusive music experience to millions of fans across Europe

EMI’s family of artists and songwriters raise $940,000 to support Japanese Red Cross disaster relief efforts

EMI Music Arabia and Souq.com Bring Music to Ears of Consumers

Superstar artists and writers support second phase of charity auction to raise funds for Japan

EMI establishes new one stop North American sync & licensing unit

Miles Leonard promoted to lead Virgin & Parlophone A&R for EMI Music UK

Artists and songwriters from the EMI family unite for Japan

Robert C. Wright joins EMI Group’s board of directors

EMI Music launches interactive album experience with new App for iPad

Alan Jackson teams with Capitol’s EMI Records Nashville

PUMA announce Professor Green as their PUMA Social Ambassador for 2011

Century Media renews global deal with EMI Label Services/Caroline Distribution

Gorillaz ‘The Fall’ confirmed for release in April

EMI artists and writers win seven BRIT Awards

EMI artists and songwriters win more than 20 awards at the 53rd annual Grammys

EMI Music and Beatport sign international licensing deal

EMI announces successful capital restructuring, and change of ownership

Pink Floyd and EMI sign new global agreement