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Title Sports Drink and Snoop Dogg team up to host Snoop Bowl VIII

Snoop’s annual youth football league game for charity will feature Snoop’s famed “Snoop Dogg All Stars” Aaainst a celebrity coached team from South Florida

(January 6, 2010) Los Angeles, CA – Entertainer and hip hop icon Snoop Dogg has announced that his eighth annual “Snoop Bowl” will be played in South Florida on February 6, 2010. Snoop’s nearly undefeated team, the Snoop Dogg All Stars, will square off against a local youth football team from Miami coached by Miami Dolphins linebacker Joey Porter and superstar wide receiver Terrell Owens. The event promises to be a spectacular one and with an amazing plight focused on kids.

Annually, the “Snoop Bowl” has the Snoop Dogg All Stars traveling to the Super Bowl to challenge a team of all stars from the host city. Last year, Snoop’s team decisively defeated the Mike Alstott led Tampa All-Stars, 22-6, in Tampa. This year the challenge moves to Miami, and anything can happen.

During its existence, the Snoop Bowl has drawn huge crowds and raised more than $100,000 for charities; this year will be no different. The game will be played at Miami’s mecca for high school football, Traz Powell Stadium. Snoop says, “I am happy that we’ve been doing this event for eight years – the kids love it and I do too. The future NFL stars play in this game annually and its fun to watch the kids imitate their favorite NFL stars. The Snoop Bowl is as big as the Super Bowl to every kid playing organized football in the USA because they aspire to play against my team or to be coached by Coach Snoop “The Great.” I love being me wouldn’t you like to be an All Star too?! I also want to thank Title Sports Drink for stepping up to participate in something that is not only good for the community but a ton of fun, ya dig?”

The Snoop Youth Football League, now in the sixth year of existence, has recently garnered a ton of credit from prestigious media outlets including the Wall Street Journal and New York Times as being a huge part in the success of Crenshaw High School’s undefeated football record. Historically, Crenshaw has not been known for their football team but this year, nine of their players have come through the ranks of the SYFL, and it is no coincidence that the team is currently undefeated, earning them the Los Angeles city title. In fact, college recruiters have already approached a few of the ex-SYFL players, and the league is fielding calls from cities such as Dallas and Pittsburgh that want to replicate the Snoop model.

Title Sports Drink is the title sponsor of Snoop Bowl VIII and the official sports drink of all participating teams. “We’re very proud to be involved in such a great event. It allows us to both sponsor youth football at its finest and hydrate some of our future stars,” says Kevin Sepe, President of Title Sports Drink.

“Snoop Bowl VIII” kicks off February 6th at 1:30pm at Traz Powell Stadium in Miami. Tickets will be available online at www.ticketalternative.com or at the gate on game day. Tickets are $10 for children 12 and under and $20 for ages 13 and up. Admission is free for children 3 and under.

For more information, log on to www.snoopdogg.com

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