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Robbie Williams helps bring latest Nikon campaign ‘Alive’

LONDON, 13 APRIL 2010 — Robbie Williams features in the new multi-channel advertising campaign currently being launched by Nikon Europe, ‘I am Nikon’. In one of the highlights of the campaign, Robbie turns the camera on the crowd of his fans during one of his record-breaking sell out shows at Knebworth in the UK in 2003, creating a stunning and memorable image alongside the statement ‘I am Alive’.

Additional scenes in the campaign include ‘I am Neil Armstrong’, a scene depicting a baby’s first steps, ‘I am Snow White’ where a real life Spanish bride allows her pre-wedding preparations to be filmed and ‘I am Here’ showing holiday makers exploring the Egyptian Pyramids. The campaign, for the Nikon Coolpix range, aims to bring Nikon’s cameras to an even wider audience of aspiring photographers.

EMI worked closely with IE Music, Robbie’s management company, and Nikon and their Advertising agency Jung von Matt/Spree GmbH to develop the campaign.

Commenting on the project, Rafael McDonnell, EMI Music VP for Brand Partnerships, Licensing & Synchronisation – Europe said: “The new Nikon Europe campaign featuring Robbie Williams shows the power music has to connect with people. The partnership we’ve built between EMI Music, IE Music, Nikon and Jung von Matt/Spree shows how we can bring together the right artists and the right brands in ways that are mutually beneficial to all.”

The campaign is currently rolling out across Europe and will soon launch in South Africa.

Watch the advert here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wp0ju0UK_8Y


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