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Maltby Capital Limited announces significant improvement in operating performance at EMI following a year of creative success

London, 18 August 2010 — Maltby Capital Ltd, the parent company of EMI, has today published EMI’s annual review for the year ended March 31st 2010.


  • EBITDA before restructuring up 14% to £334 million (5.5% at constant currency)
  • Operating cashflow up 55% to £250 million
  • Revenues up to £1.65 billion
  • Operating pre-tax profit* reaches £121 million (2009: £7 million)
  • Both EMI Music and EMI Music Publishing contribute to improvement in operating performance
  • Net loss (after restructuring costs and fair value adjustments) reduced by two thirds to £512 million

*after restructuring costs but before accounting impairment charges on goodwill and intangible assets

The review shows a significantly improved financial performance for the business with both divisions contributing to gains in revenue and EBITDA despite the continuing challenges in both the music industry and the wider economy.

The improved performance is the result of the significant restructuring of the business in the past two years combined with a number of notable commercial and creative successes. A copy of the Review is available on the website www.emimusic.com/about/reports/.

Stephen Alexander, Chairman of Maltby Capital Ltd, said: “This report shows the very real operational progress that EMI has made in the past three years, in the face of the serious challenges faced by the music industry and the wider economy.

“The year was characterised by creative and commercial achievement in both divisions. EMI Music had particular success with the release of the remastered Beatles catalogue, which has sold more than 13 million albums to date, as well as strong sales from newer artists such as Katy Perry and Lady Antebellum. EMI Music Publishing has again been named publisher of the year in both the US and the UK, and the business is creating valuable new revenue streams on behalf of its unmatched roster of writers.”

Roger Faxon, CEO of EMI Group, said: “There is a clear opportunity ahead for EMI as a whole to develop a structure and approach that recognises the realities of the music environment, and that truly delivers success for the creative talent that the company is privileged to represent. The operating performance we delivered in the year under review gives us a strong platform, and I’m looking forward to working with our great staff and artists to develop the business further.”

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