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International Fado star Mariza and EMI Music renew contract

LONDON MARCH 1 2010 – Grammy award nominee Mariza has signed a new contract with EMI which sees the Portuguese Fado star and EMI Music extending their relationship to include exclusive worldwide rights (excluding North America) for Mariza’s recordings licensed by the Dutch label World Connection.

Mariza has been working with EMI since her multi-platinum debut album in 2002. Her acclaimed albums, Transparente (2005) and Terra (2008), have built a devoted fan base across the globe and she has toured to some of the world’s most prestigious concert venues including Carnegie Hall in New York, Barbican & Royal Festival Hall in London, Sydney Opera House, Palau de la Musica Catalana in Barcelona, Hibiya Kokkaiado Public Hall in Tokyo and Chan Centre for Performing Arts in Vancouver.

Mariza received the BBC prize for the Best European Artist in 2001, 2005 and 2006, the German Press award, “Deutscheschalplatten Kritil” the European Border Breakers Award and she was voted Person of the Year by the Foreign Press Association of Portugal In 2007. She was also the first Portuguese artist to be nominated for a Latin Grammy Award, for Best Folk album.  She received her second Latin Grammy nomination in 2008 for her multi-platinum album “Terra”.

João Teixeira, EMI Music Portugal GM said: “It’s easy to understand the pleasure a music company has in working with an artist with Mariza’s talent. All the people working at EMI around the world know that a talent like this doesn’t happen everyday, every month, every year or even every decade. It’s with enormous pleasure and pride that we’ve seen our privilege of working with Mariza extended well into the future.”

“We are all fans and all thrilled about EMI’s ongoing partnership with Mariza”, said Billy Mann, President of New Music – International and President of Global Artist Management at EMI Music, “In addition to taking Fado to a higher and global level, she’s an artist with as much passion and respect from her peers as she has from her fans”.



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