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EMI/Parlophone sign Chiddy Bang For World

3 March 2010 – EMI/Parlophone are delighted to announce the signing of new artist Chiddy Bang to an exclusive worldwide deal.

Chiddy Bang are 19 year old MC Chiddy and DJ/producer Xaphoon Jones from Philadelphia. They formed during their first year at college and their musical career gathered momentum online via, ‘The Swelly Express’ mixtape which was made available on the band’s myspace. Word quickly spread via blogs and the mixtape was downloaded 80,000 times in a month. Fans of the band include Kanye West who praised the band on his blog.

Chiddy Bang’s strength lies in their fresh approach to hip hop. Combining electronica and indie samples from artists like MGMT, Passion Pit and Sufjan Stevens with Chiddy’s indisputable talent for MCing. The duo completely alter the tracks turning them into something of their own. While Chiddy’s lyrics touch upon some heavy subjects like politics or conflict in Nigera, they find balance in feel good tracks like their debut single, the playful “Opposite of Adults”.

“Opposite Of Adults” was released last week and entered the UK charts at number 12. The track has received strong support from both Radio 1 and MTV consolidating the superb support the band has received online.

Miles Leonard, Parlophone President said, “Chiddy Bang have the potential to be a global success and both Parlophone and EMI globally are committed to making this happen”

The signing took place in a capsule on the London Eye. The London attraction features on one of the band’s songs.

Chiddy Bang’s second single entitled, ‘Truth’ will be released on May 17th with their debut album to follow in the summer.

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