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EMI Music appoints Dominic Pandiscia to a newly-expanded role as executive vice president, EMI Music Services

20+ year EMI veteran takes on leadership of EMI Music North America’s sales and commercial development team

Pandiscia will continue to lead EMI Label Services’ global third-party artist and label unit and Caroline Distribution

New York, NY, April 30, 2010 – EMI Music has appointed Dominic Pandiscia to oversee its Sales and Commercial Development team in North America in the newly-expanded role of Executive Vice President, EMI Music Services. From his base in New York, Pandiscia will drive EMI Music’s commercial relationships in the US, Canada and Mexico and will continue to report directly to Ronn Werre, the company’s President of Music Services worldwide and COO for North America. He will also continue to work closely with EMI Music’s North American President Colin Finkelstein

Pandiscia will also oversee EMI Music’s growing number of new and non-traditional revenue streams in North America. This includes working with its physical and digital retail partners to offer EMI’s retail licensed merchandise capabilities (the company recently acquired Loudclothing.com in December), growing the services and revenue streams it offers to artists and expanding the number of ways it can offer music fans more products, services and music experiences.

“Dominic has a deep understanding of every area of the music industry and has great relationships with our commercial partners and the artist management community from his 20 years leading sales at Capitol and Virgin said Werre. “He also has great instincts for how to respond to a changing industry, and has demonstrated his leadership and strategic thinking by very quickly building EMI Label Services from scratch and making it a success. I am confident that his ability to respond to this dynamic marketplace will help EMI become even more effective in building artists’ careers and in helping our commercial partners connect fans with artists.”

“I’m really excited about this new role, and to work to expand and further the vision of what EMI Music Services offers to both the artistic community and to our trading partners,” said Pandiscia. “It’s a good time to be here: we’re delivering big chart success for both our amazing roster artists and independents, and driving big results for a growing array of existing and new commercial partners.”

Pandisica will continue to oversee EMI Label Services and Caroline Distribution, the company’s very successful third party artist and label unit. EMI Label Services offers a flexible, full-service alternative for independent artists and labels, recently helped Slash debut his first solo album at #3 in the US and was behind successful releases from Peter Gabriel, Raekwon and Twista, among others.

Most recently, Pandiscia had been Senior Vice President and General Manager of EMI Label Services, which provides independent labels and artists with a global menu of commercial services and seamless access to an expanding range of revenue streams, first in the US, and later, on a global basis. Under his leadership, Pandiscia led a global expansion of EMI Label Services unit to build careers and sales in territories around the world for an impressive array of third party artists including Slash, Peter Gabriel, Raekwon, Twista, Bobby V, Omarion and Trina and for independent labels including Welk Music Group, Slip-n-Slide Records and Century Media, among others.

Prior to that, Pandiscia spent nearly 20 years in a number of senior level sales and commercial roles within EMI since joining the company in 1989, including as Senior Vice President of Sales for Capitol Music Group, and before that, was head of sales for EMI’s Virgin Records in the US. While there, he worked closely with such artists as 30 Seconds to Mars, A Fine Frenzy, Gorillaz, Ben Harper, LCD Soundsystem, Massive Attack, KT Tunstall and Spice Girls. He also had a variety of roles at EMI Records and CEMA Distribution in the US.

Darren Stupak, who had been overseeing EMI Music’s sales team, is leaving the company.

“I have really enjoyed working with Darren and I want to thank him for his contributions to the business,” said Werre. “We wish him the very best in the future.”

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