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EMI Music and Hikaru Utada agree new global recording deal

LONDON, 8 NOVEMBER 2010 — EMI Music is proud to announce that it has reached a new agreement with Hikaru Utada and her management office, u3music, for a new global recording contract.

Since EMI released Hikaru Utada’s debut single, ‘Automatic/Time Will Tell’, in 1998, which sold 2 million copies, the singer-songwriter has become one of the most successful Japanese recording artists in the country’s history.

More than 9.9 million copies of her debut album ‘First Love’ were shipped domestically and abroad, still the most successful Japanese language album ever.

She has recorded five original albums and 21 singles. In particular, her single ‘Flavor of Life’ was downloaded more than 9 million times upon release, a world record at the time. Hikaru Utada has now sold in total over 50 million singles, albums and DVDs worldwide.

Outside of Japan, Hikaru Utada’s music has been released under the name ‘UTADA’. Going forward, her music activities in all countries and languages will now be united under one name, Hikaru Utada.

Roger Faxon, CEO, EMI Group: “We are very happy that EMI’s global network, expertise and passion will continue to contribute to and support the musical and creative vision of the superbly talented Hikaru Utada. “


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8 Comments so far. Leave a comment below.
  1. Raul,

    wow this is a good news <3

  2. I’m still remember her single “First Love”, and I love it! EMI and Hikaru agreement? Wow it’s gonna be good for her career!!!

  3. Sukanya,

    I hope Hikki comeback soon for her fanclub.

    and PV Goodbye Hapiness is GREAT and so CUTE!!!

    I love Hikki.

  4. Good news! Hope Hikki come back to release her new album ASAP :)

  5. I love how other people recognise Hikki’s talent, And they should be!

  6. Jason,

    It’s amazing EMI is going to distribute her music throughout the world!
    And oh wow! Under one name HIKARU UTADA!!! Totally exciting!

    I know she was crafting her music more freely on the records released under EMI, so I am hoping she will continue to make what she truly loves to make!

    Love Hikki!

    • Naty,

      I bought her English album on iTunes here in the USA when it came out. I have to say I liked about half the album, elpicealsy Come Back to Me and Apples and Cinnamon . My hope is now that she’s officially out there in the US market that she’ll continue to become more popular among the public, and not just the anime/gaming/weeaboo crowd.The other half of the album was not quite as good, a lot of dance-oriented heavy techno tracks that were clearly made for the NYC club audience. Still, a lot better than Exodus, her first US effort.Needless to say I was thrilled to hear she’d do another song for EVA 2.0. Considering that they’ve already released a 2009 remix of Cruel Angel’s Thesis with Yoko Takahashi, and also that Maaya Sakamoto, an excellent singer in her own right, is the seyuu for the new character Mary Illustrious, I expect a couple of great songs in conjunction with the new movie.Just from the trailers, EVA 2.0 looks to be spectacular!

  7. Amazing news, EMI will be proud I am sure, to have such a talent as Hikaru Utada, and great to see she will be continuing on with music. She brings such joy to so many though her honest art.


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