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EMI launches new album format with Tinie Tempah’s debut album

‘Disc-Overy’ will be available as a lanyard with unique download code

LONDON, 21 SEPTEMBER 2010 – Tinie Tempah, 2010’s biggest breakout UK music star will be the first artist ever to release his hotly anticipated debut album, ‘Disc-Overy’, in the form of a lanyard. The new format will feature a unique download code enabling fans to download the album.

Earlier this year promotional lanyards were developed for fans attending Tinie’s live shows which proved to be very popular with fans. Working with EMI’s product development resources and research, the marketing team at Parlophone devised a way to make the album available through a lanyard, giving each one a unique download code which allows ‘Disc-Overy’ to be downloaded once.

The lanyards will be available through a wide range of retailers, both physical and digital as well as through Tinie’s own official website and are expected to be priced in between the price of a CD and a digital album download. ‘Disc-Overy’ will be released on 4 October.

Tinie says: “I really want my album to be representative of our generation and beyond. We live in an age where we are able to obtain music in many different ways and I wanted to create a new, easy, fashionable and exciting way of legally obtaining it. After the huge success of our promotional lanyards, the idea of developing a practical and collectible item which gained access to my album as well as many added extras seemed like a very exciting step forward.”

Alex Eden-Smith, Parlophone marketing manager, said: “Due to technological developments and music consumption trends, we know that for the 13—24 target demographic the standard CD is losing its appeal as a physical product.  We wanted to create an alternative for fans that would sit alongside more traditional formats and expand our commercial reach beyond the conventional music retailers. Tinie’s always pushed the boundaries in what he does and put his fans first; we wanted to reflect this in the way we created the product range.”


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