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Abbey Road Live success in Australia and New Zealand

Up to 25% of audience have bought live CDs following The Pixies’ shows

Walking away from a fantastic live show no longer needs to be the end of a great night out – with Abbey Road Live you can take the show home on CD as you leave the venue!

The high quality individually numbered and limited edition CD set is available to fans immediately after shows; alternatively it can be ordered online and shipped to home regardless of whether a fan attends the show or not.

The CD set includes the date and venue of the performance and should not be confused with a “sound board” recording – these discs are fully mixed and mastered on the fly and are true collector’s items because only a limited number will ever be made.

Mark Poston, EMI Music Australasia Country Chairman said, “Here in Australia and New Zealand we plan to incorporate the Abbey Road Live experience this year as part of EMI’s ever-expanding raft of services to consumers and to our artists. We’re already in discussion with a number of exciting artists for later in the year – more on that soon – but starting with such an influential rock band like The Pixies is a great launching pad.”

Zach Bair, who has spearheaded the rollout of Abbey Road Live in Australasia, said “We are super excited to be launching our services here!  So far our experience has been fantastic and the fans have been just amazing.  We are looking forward to many more great tours and Abbey Road Live products in the not too distant future.”

The unique Abbey Road Live venture – an independent operating unit of EMI Music – was launched as part of The Pixie’s current run of “Doolittle Live” shows around Australia and New Zealand and have had a solid average sell through rate of 13% so far, with sales in Auckland reaching 25% and continuing to grow.

In addition, fans can download a free Pixies mobile app, both for the iPhone and Blackberry platforms, developed exclusively for Abbey Road Live.  The apps can be found in the Apple iTunes App Store, and Blackberry’s App World, and give the ability for Pixies fans to share pictures, purchase live content and much more.

For more information on the Pixies tour dates please visit www.pixiesmusic.com.

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