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Walking on a platinum dream

“Spectacular…Fleetwood Mac playing with MGMT on stage with Prince” – The Sun

A platinum selling debut is the dream of many an artist but one that has now come true for Empire of the Sun whose Walking On A Dream album has now sold more than 70,000 copies in Australia, as has their single of the same name.

From the first single Walking On A Dream, Empire Of The Sun have struck a chord with the Australian psyche that has seen them have great success with both this song and the current single We Are The People.

We Are The People is currently #3 in Australia on the ARIA club chart, having already reached the top spot; it features remixes by Sam La More and Shazam. In the UK, globally influential Radio 1 DJ Zane Lowe has again just played We Are The People as his Hottest Record in The World.

The clips for both songs were filmed in far off locations – China and Mexico respectively – and keep the strong visual theme for which Empire Of The Sun have become known.

The album will be released in the US and Canada on April 21, having already been released in all other major territories worldwide where it has been a chart hit.

Australian fans should stay tuned for an announcement of live shows later in the year.

Released in Australia late last year, the Walking On A Dream album is the brainchild of Luke Steel and Nick Littlemore who together are Empire Of The Sun.

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