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Virgin Records UK launches revolutionary digital music video created by Product Magnet

LONDON, 27th April 2009: Virgin Records UK launches a pioneering new digital music video for Australian band Empire of the Sun, to promote the launch of their second single We Are The People. This interactive video represents a digital first for the music industry, incorporating tracking pixels working as touch points or hot spots to guide users to free downloads, bespoke film content and an exclusive competition.

The video technology is created by Product Magnet, the sister group of Mavericks Film, and the campaign launches on 27 April. The official single release is 1st June.

In the music video, the various touch points are made visible by shining orbs. In addition to these clearly visible hot spots there are a further four hidden touch points, that only become active once the cursor moves across the video. These four give the fan part of a code, which once collated can be inserted into the final visible touch point, allowing users to be entered into a competition for a piece of framed, limited edition Empire of the Sun artwork.

Justin Cross, Digital Media Manager at Virgin Records, says: “The ability to make any pixel within a video the gateway to other destinations or content opens up plenty of potential for the traditional promotional video. In this instance we focused on Empire of the Sun’s creativity to enable users to explore the video in depth, bringing the content to life and showing a different side of the artist. It also creates a far stronger engagement with their fan base.”

View the video here: www.empireofthesunsound.com/wearethepeople

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