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Saving Abel scores gold and platinum – band extending road dates with Seether and Nickelback through summer

Saving Abel album is RIAA gold

#1 Rock/Top 10 Top 40 hit Addicted certified platinum;

Most played song of 2008 at Active Rock Radio

Second single 18 Days already a top 5 rock and top 10 alternative smash currently heating up Top 40 and Hot AC radio

Third hit single is Drowning (Face Down); impacting rock radio now

(New York, NY – March 9, 2009) – A year after the release of their self-titled debut album, Virgin Records rock quartet Saving Abel’s music is a proven staple of every rock and mainstream radio format, and the band has sealed their arrival with a platinum single, Addicted, and a gold album certified by RIAA.

Saving Abel’s first gold album award was presented to Saving Abel backstage last weekend at New Jersey’s IZOD Center where they played with Seether and Nickelback. Saving Abel and Nickelback and have confirmed the extension of their tour dates together along with Papa Roach and Hinder on the second leg of the tour beginning July 10th in Darien Lake, NY. Saving Abel also has added new headline dates along with a string of co-headline dates with Shinedown in late spring (full schedule below).

The platinum single Addicted had an extraordinary run as 2008′s most-played song at active rock radio, with 11 consecutive weeks at No. 2 in the format, and a No. 1 posting at mainstream rock radio and No. 7 at alternative. The song also had a powerful, months-long afterburn on mainstream Top 40 and Hot AC radio, hitting the top 10 in both formats. The follow-up ballad, honoring our nation’s troops, 18 Days, is a top 5 hit at active rock, top 10 at alternative radio and is progressing in the Top 40 and Hot AC charts. A new single, Drowning (Face Down) arrives at active rock radio this week, and a video shoot is planned this month.

Saving Abel have been kings of the road for a good year: they’ve combined old-school touring with new technology by awarding a custom Saving Abel PRS (Paul Reed Smith) guitar at each stop of the Nickelback tour to a fan who texts the band from the room during their set. Aside from confirming the second leg of the Nickelback tour for July to September, and separate dates with Seether in May through June, Saving Abel is also playing such marquee festivals as Beale Street, Rock on the Range and several stops on the Crawfish Boil.

Saving Abel was a 3-week at #1 on Billboard’s Heatseekers chart before debuting on the national Billboard Top 200 album chart in July 2008. Saving Abel’s videos drew major exposure on MTV2, VH1, FUSE and Music Choice, where Addicted was a No.1-played video on the “Hit List” channel.

Saving Abel – named after the Biblical sibling of Cain – was formed by Jared Weeks and guitarist Jason Null in 2004 in their hometown of Corinth, Mississippi. Now based in Memphis, Tennessee, the band’s lineup includes guitarist Scott Bartlett, bassist Eric Taylor and drummer Blake Dixon. Combining influences of southern rock, hard rock and alternative music, the band was first heard on a 2005 EP, produced by Skidd Mills (12 Stones, Saliva, Submersed).

For more info on Saving Abel, visit www.myspace.com/savingabel or www.savingabel.com

For album artwork, photos and other press materials on Saving Abel, visit www.emimusicpublicity.net

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