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MySpace Music presents Lily Allen headlining three secret shows on three continents

The singer/songwriter, who is no 1 in the UK this week, is set to perform exclusive concerts for fans in London, New York and Tokyo

February 6, 2009 MySpace Music (www.myspace.com/music), the world’s premiere online music portal, is proud to announce Lily Allen performing 3 Secret Shows on 3 continents. The singer will put on intimate concerts for her MySpace fans in New York, Tokyo and London at no charge.

The concerts mark the first time a single artist will take part in multiple MySpace Secret Shows on a global level, and follow the world exclusive premiere of It’s Not Me, It’s You, Lily Allen’s highly anticipated second album on MySpace. Lily will kick off the global Secret Show series with a performance in New York City on February 10th and end at a secret location in her hometown of London . The Secret Show performances are open exclusively to MySpace users who friend the MySpace Secret Shows profile.

Lily Allen’s MySpace Music Secret Shows include:

New York City

Venue: The Bowery Ballroom
Date: Tuesday, February 10th


Venue: Friend the MySpace Japan Secret Shows profile page for concert details www.myspace.com/secretshows
Date: Wednesday, February 25th


A top secret Venue & Date: Friend the MySpace UK Secret Shows profile page for concert details www.myspace.com/secretshows

Recently, Lily Allen exclusively premiered her new album, It’s Not Me, It’s You, on MySpace Music to fans worldwide who were able to fully stream the entire album a full week before it hit stores. It’s Not Me, It’s You is both a deeper exploration of some of the preoccupations of Alright, Still, Lily’s critically acclaimed debut ,and a huge creative leap forward. Lily created her MySpace Music page in November 2005, where she used the site to post demos and self-produced mixtapes to attract thousands of listeners from around the world. As she started gaining tens of thousands of MySpace friends, the media took notice of her growing popularity on the site and started writing about this new artist whose first single Smile would go on to be No 1. Her debut album Alright, Still has now sold in excess of 2.6 million copies. Lily Allen has more than 449,000 friends on MySpace Music.

For more on Lily Allen and to stream It’s Not Me, It’s You, visit her MySpace Music official profile at www.myspace.com/lilyallen

MySpace Music has organised nearly 200 Secret Shows since the franchise launched in February 2006 with artists like The Cure, Gnarls Barkley, The Offspring, Neil Diamond, Slayer, Franz Ferdinand, and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs performing in cities around the world. Users must friend the Secret Shows profile page in order to receive advanced notice of the special, free concerts. There they will also find more information about the artists and upcoming schedule. Visit the MySpace Secret Shows profile at www.myspace.com/secretshows for all show details.

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