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Lily Allen online game passes 2 million plays as single & album top the music charts

The online game, “Escape the Fear”, by Matmi promoting Lily Allen’s single and second album, has just passed 2 million plays at the same time as the single and album top the music and iTunes Store charts in the UK, US and numerous other countries worldwide.

The game has kicked off a series of No.1s for the integrated launch campaign by topping the worldwide Viral Chart three times since its release including Christmas, the most hotly contested chart position of the year. Lily Allen’s single The Fear shot straight to the top of the UK Singles Chart and retains the No.1 spot for the third week, and this week the album It’s Not Me, It’s You also debuted at No.1. The single and album also top the iTunes Store charts in numerous countries worldwide, notably the US.

The runaway success of the integrated campaign masterminded by Parlophone and Matmi is no accident, according to Dan Duncombe, Director of Digital at Parlophone: “The game was designed to help us reach a new audience for Lily – people who are not listening to the radio, reading the music press or generally exposed to new music, but are part of our target audience. The game is based on the lyrics of The Fear and the single is the game’s soundtrack. With an average dwell time of nearly 5 minutes, the vast majority of players are listening to the track more than once.

“This game is the promo video of the digital age,” Dan continued. “It delivers engagement, interaction, loyalty and sales opportunities on a new level for our artists. The game has delivered tens of thousands of click-thrus, pre-orders and downloads, and even features on the album CD itself. The results speak for themselves – we’re absolutely delighted with this launch,” Dan concludes.

Jeff Coghlan, MD of Matmi, says the campaign is a perfect example of branded entertainment at work: “Consumers are sick of online advertising because it doesn’t have any intrinsic value. When it’s done properly, branded entertainment like “Escape the Fear” has very high value and gives consumers an opportunity to interact with the brand as well. When consumers endorse the material by passing it on, the positive influence of the brand is nine times more powerful than an advert. When you take the costs into account as well, it’s no wonder major brands like Parlophone are using these more sophisticated promotional techniques.”

Matmi recently submitted “Escape the Fear” for a coveted D&AD Award. The results are announced in London on 11th June 2009.

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For more information, please contact:

Jeff Coghlan, big cheese, Matmi New Media Designs, 07921 620499 / jeff@matmi.com.
Penny Lines, Matmi’s marketing maid, 07932 158845 / penny@matmi.com.
Dan Duncombe, Digital Director, Parlophone, dan.duncombe@emimusic.com, 0207 605 5505
Jon Bills, Infinite PR for Parlophone & Lily Allen, 0207 290 9590

About the game: www.lilyallenmusic.com/escapethefear

Accompanying “Escape the Fear” with the soundtrack and video of The Fear single encourages players to interact with the artist and pass the game on. Players can listen once to the single then instrumental looped versions; pre-order or purchase the album before/after release; win signed album artwork, tickets, etc; and visit Lily Allen’s website/social pages.

In the game, classic vertical scrolling screen action sees Lily Allen’s character jumping manically from platform to platform to outrun the rising fear which, if players are not fast enough, will swallow them up. The ten tricky levels include enemies and obstacles such as rabid handbag dogs, spikes of fear, credit card tossing bankers, jack-in-a-box springs and a really nasty end boss.

The character can also be affected by alcohol which impairs the game’s controls and other diversions. Levels increase in difficulty and lead to some demonically difficult puzzles to solve for Lily’s character to finally reach freedom from the fear!

About EMI Music

EMI Music is one of the world’s leading music companies, representing artists spanning all musical tastes and genres. Its record labels include Angel, Astralwerks, Blue Note, Capitol, Capitol Nashville, EMI Classics, EMI CMG, EMI Records, EMI Televisa Music, Manhattan, Mute, Parlophone and Virgin.

About Parlophone

EMI Music UK label Parlophone boasts a rich heritage of world renowned artists, from The Beatles, Queen and Paul McCartney, to Coldplay, Gorillaz and Kylie Minogue. For more information visit www.parlophone.co.uk

About Matmi

Established in 2001, Matmi is a Cheshire based branded entertainment specialist whose work is fresh and challenges everyday standards. Our latest projects include a DADI Award winning Christmas viral chart topper, a Golden Awards of Montreux winner and a BIMA nominated viral for Comic Relief responsible that’s been played over 22 million times worldwide.

Matmi has been breaking new ground in branded entertainment since 2001, well before online tracking facilities were available. Our highly advanced seeding database enables clients to reach millions of potential buyers worldwide. Take a tour of our new website at www.matmi.com or call us for a chat. Enjoy. Thank you!

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