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Keith Urban spreads a little ‘Sweet Thing’ (for Valentine’s Day) to his fans with customizeable music video

Keith Urban’s video for his 18th Top 5 hit Sweet Thing, will mark a first for an artist when it becomes the first official music video to be made available for personal fan customization. Offered just in time for Valentine’s Day, fans are invited to go to www.sweetthing.tv, where they can create and forward their own Sweet Thing music video to their friends or of course, their sweet thing.

The interactive video can be customized in twelve different ways and is readily available to send in a matter of seconds. Fans will even be able to add their creation to their own web pages.

Says Todd Cassetty, President of Hi-Fi Fusion, “We’ve never been more proud of a project and are honored to work with such a forward-thinking artist like Keith. In our eight years of operation, this viral marketing piece combines the reach of the Internet with the popularity of music video like nothing we’ve seen before.”

The customizable Sweet Thing video was created by Hi-Fi Fusion, an interactive marketing firm, in cooperation with Capitol Records and Borman Entertainment.

Urban’s sixth studio album Defying Gravity is set for a March 31st release and his “Escape Together World Tour” Together with KC Masterpiece® and Kingsford® launches this May.

For more official Keith Urban news and tour information go to www.keithurban.net

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