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Hockey: debut single ‘Too Fake’ released March 2nd 2009, 7″ inch only

UK tour with Passion Pit Feb 17-27

Hockey, who hail from Portland, Oregon release their debut single Too Fake through Virgin Records on March 2nd 2009. The first single will be a limited edition 7″ only. The band’s debut album will be out later this year.

What does Hockey sound like? Imagine a spoonful of LCD Soundsystem a splash of the Strokes and a big melodious dollop of guitar – fuelled energy.

Who does Hockey Like? Everyone from Talking Heads, William Blake, Frank O’Hara, and M.I.A.

Where can I check the band online?

Where can I see the band Live?

17th Feb Brighton Audio
19th Feb Oxford Bullingdon Arms
20th Feb Bristol Cooler
23rd Feb London Cargo
24th Feb Birmingham 02 Academy 3
25th Feb Manchester Ruby Lounge
26th Feb Glasgow Captains Rest

Who are Hockey? Ben Grubin (vocals), Anthony Stassi (Drums), Jeremy Jerm Reynolds (bass), Brian White (guitar)

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