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EMI Music to release Eva Simon’s worldwide online hit debut single ‘Silly Boy’

Secret pop diva’s smash hit has already clocked over 10 million views on YouTube prior to release

Fans connecting to http://www.evasimons.com today will lay to rest months of online speculation as to the identity of the singer, new pop diva, Eva Simons, and her debut single Silly Boy. Simons’ electro-pop track Silly Boy first surfaced on Youtube.com in May 2009. The song rapidly drew an enormous online fan community and became one of the most-listened to audio tracks online, generating over 10 million clicks, with fans uploading user-generated content attributing the song to artists including Rihanna, and Lady Gaga.

Over 10 million views later, today fans will discover the twenty-five year-old Amsterdam-born singer behind this huge online hit. Eva Simons hails from a family of musicians, with a pianist-father, trumpeter step-father, and vocalist mother. She has been playing piano and composing since she was a small child and graduated from the Conservatorium von Amsterdam

‘Silly Boy’ will be released to a total of 20 EMI territories, beginning on September 4th in Germany.

Billy Mann, President of New Music International and President of Global Artist Management, EMI Music, said, “Eva has taken the internet by storm and she already has a huge fan base that’s just waiting for more. Silly Boy captures her fabulous energy and strength of personality”.

Andre Recke, of Senior Vice President A&R for Continental Europe & GSA said, “After hearing Silly Boy and meeting Eva I knew we had something exciting and special on our hands and I’m looking forward to a great partnership between Eva and EMI”.


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