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EMI Music strengthens executive team with key appointments

Shane Naughton appointed Chief Financial Officer
Kyla Mullins joins as General Counsel

LONDON, 11 NOVEMBER 2009 — EMI Music today announced the appointments of Shane Naughton to the position of Chief Financial Officer and Kyla Mullins as General Counsel. Both will become members of EMI Music’s Executive Committee and will report to the company’s Chief Executive Officer, Elio Leoni-Sceti.

Naughton is currently CFO of UBM Information, one of the major divisions of international FTSE quoted company United Business Media, which serves professional communities with event, online and print products. He is also CEO of its UBM Connect unit, driving the shift from print to digital across a diverse range of trade publications. Before joining UBM, he was Deputy CFO of Sky Deutschland, the German pay TV operator. He will join EMI Music in February and will lead all of EMI Music’s finance operations worldwide through its network of subsidiaries in 32 countries.

Mullins has spent most of her career in management roles in the television business, including most recently ITV plc where she was Group Legal Director and a member of the Executive Committee. She will start in her EMI Music role on 24 November and will have global responsibility for all of the company’s legal and business affairs activities as well as government affairs.

Commenting on the appointments, Leoni-Sceti said: “I am delighted that Shane and Kyla are joining EMI Music. With their proven expertise in the international media and digital arenas, they will be valuable additions to the EMI Music team as we roll out our global, consumer-focused strategy.

“Shane brings to EMI Music a strong background in supporting change management in multinational businesses. His proven financial skills, together with his deep understanding of the media sector, will serve him well as we continue to transform the EMI business model.

“Kyla has extensive international experience of legal and business affairs management, particularly within the television industry. Her work has included rights management strategy and new business development in a sector that, like ours, is seeking to optimise the opportunities of digital.”


Shane Naughton
Since 2007, Shane Naughton has worked at United Business Media, the international business media company, in two roles: CFO of UBM Information which serves professional communities through event, online and print products, and CEO of its UBM Connect unit where he oversees trade titles including Music Week, Farmers Guardian and Travel Trade Gazette.

Before joining UBM, Naughton spent seven years as Deputy CFO and VP of Investor Relations of Sky Deutschland AG, Germany’s leading pay TV company, whose successful 2005 IPO he oversaw.

Prior to that, Naughton worked with Dell computers and the Coca-Cola company for over eight years in a variety of finance roles in the US, UK and internationally.

He qualified as a chartered accountant at KPMG where he started his career in 1987, following his graduation from University College Dublin where he read law.

Kyla Mullins
Kyla Mullins joins EMI from Xsequor Partners, a strategic advisory business, where she was a partner, and from thompson search, a legal search firm.

She spent eight years with ITV plc, the UK’s largest commercial broadcaster, where she was Group Legal Director and a member of its Executive Committee from 2004 to 2007 and, prior to the merger of Granada and Carlton in 2004, Director of Legal and Business Affairs at Granada plc.

Before her time at ITV, Mullins held several senior legal and business development roles in the media sector with Turner Broadcasting (now part of Time Warner Group), Nethold Electronic Media BV (now part of Canal Plus) and Discovery Communications.

Mullins started her legal career with Clifford Chance, where she spent four and a half years. She graduated from Durham University with a degree in law.

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