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EMI Music signs exclusive deal with Immodesty Blaize

LONDON, 11 May 2009 – EMI Music is pleased to announce the beginning of an exciting new partnership with Immodesty Blaize, the leading showgirl, novelist and TV personality, and her spectacular ‘Tease Show’.

The first project to emerge from this partnership will be a television special, film and DVD release of Immodesty’s spectacular live ‘Tease Show’. The special, to be filmed w/c May 11th 2009, in conjunction with Nightfall Films at London’s Koko in front of a star-studded audience, will encompass a breathtaking and spectacular programme.

With her unique combination of glamour, music, humour and performance, Immodesty Blaize has been at the forefront of burlesque’s rightful return to prominence as a respected and sophisticated art-form on the world stage. The Tease Show is a glittering theatrical revue that encompasses elements of musical cabaret, comedy and the vintage style of Busby Berkeley. Immodesty Blaize will star along with a selection of top US showgirls, Julian Clary as compere and a 12 piece Big Band who will accompany Marc Almond on stage.

Nick Gatfield, President of A&R Labels North America and UK at EMI Music, said: “We are hugely excited about working with Immodesty Blaize on this forthcoming project and look forward to exploring other ideas and opportunities which will shine the spotlight on Immodesty and her ‘Tease Show’ brand in new and innovative ways”.

Immodesty Blaize said: ‘I’m thrilled to be joining EMI, a prestigious company with an unrivalled track record in supporting success on the international stage. It is a great honour to join their spectacular roster of iconic talents and I am very much looking forward to working with the fabulous EMI team.’



Richard O’Brien at EMI Music, London.
Tel: +44 (0) 207 795 7447

Kate Arrowsmith at Taylor Herring PR:
Tel: +44 (0) 208 206 5151

Andrew Sutton, Tease Show Producer and Immodesty Blaize management.
Tel: +44 (0) 207 836 5052

Notes to Editors:

About EMI Music:

EMI Music is one of the world’s leading music companies, representing artists spanning all musical tastes and genres. Its record labels include Angel, Astralwerks, Blue Note, Capitol, Capitol Nashville, EMI Classics, EMI CMG, EMI Records, EMI Televisa Music, Manhattan, Mute, Parlophone and Virgin. Artists on EMI labels include Lily Allen, The Beatles, Beastie Boys, Coldplay, Depeche Mode, Doves, Gorillaz, Iron Maiden, Norah Jones, Massive Attack, Kylie Minogue, Katy Perry, Pink Floyd, Queen, Sir Simon Rattle, 30 Seconds To Mars, KT Tunstall, Keith Urban and Robbie Williams, as well as international artists such as Amaral (Spain), Camille (France), Empire of the Sun (Australia), Tiziano Ferro (Italy), Flex (Mexico), LaFee (Germany) and Utada Hikaru (Japan).

About Immodesty Blaize

International showgirl superstar Immodesty Blaize is fast becoming a national treasure. Her sophisticated performances and exquisite ‘bombshell’ curves have dazzled audiences from London to Vegas, and her impressive client roster includes top names such as Dior, Cartier, and Damien Hirst, and prestigious venues such as the Whitehall Banqueting House and L.A.’s Orpheum Theatre.

Immodesty honed her dance skills from a young age having been captivated as a girl by the art of Parisian showgirls. In 1998, inspired by the glamour of iconic screen seductresses such as Ava Gardner and Sophia Loren, as well as camp kitsch icons such as Jayne Mansfield, Liberace and Grace Jones, Immodesty took her craft to the next level and developed the showgirl acts that finally brought burlesque back into the mainstream.

In 2002 she captured the attention of the critically-acclaimed Goldfrapp and joined the group on their sell-out tour. Having been catapulted into the limelight, following her stint performing with the band, she was then widely credited with spearheading European burlesque’s glittering revival.

In 2005 Immodesty headlined the first ever theatrical West End burlesque show, which ran for 5 months and by 2007 she had been crowned the ‘Reigning Queen of Burlesque’ in Las Vegas’ Burlesque Hall of Fame. Invitations to debate at the Oxford Union and take residency at the eminent Ascot racecourse followed, and in 2008 Immodesty bought her critically acclaimed, sell-out extravaganza The Tease Show to London’s Koko, with her inimitable compère Julian Clary.

Immodesty is currently gearing up for the release of her debut bonkbuster novel “Tease ” (published Ebury Press on May 14th 2009). Immodesty is already underway with its follow-up ‘Strip’, due to be published in 2010.

In addition, the stage is set for the 2009 Tease Show which sees Immodesty return to Koko for a four night run 11 – 14th May, joined by old friend Julian and musician supreme Marc Almond.

Immodesty’s acts include some of the most legendary and dazzling centrepieces in the world; her enormous glittering vintage telephone, an eight foot high rocking horse, a crystal encrusted bath, and her exquisite array of ornate costumes ooze sparkling Hollywood chic and quench the nation’s thirst for revue and elaborate spectacle. Bringing mega-watt glitz to the masses Immodesty continues to dazzle audiences with her own unique brand of high voltage, opulent glamour.

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