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EMI Music names global and regional marketing heads

LONDON, 20 JANUARY 2009 — EMI Music today announced key executive appointments to its global marketing team as the company builds a truly global, consumer-led marketing model designed to maximise the results that EMI delivers for its artists.

The EMI Music marketing organisation now includes two global priorities teams focusing on major international releases from EMI’s New Music division, as well as key projects from its regional and developing artists. One team is based in London and the other in New York.

Additionally, a third global priorities team is being established to work on major releases from EMI’s Catalogue division.

These global teams will be complemented by three strong regional marketing units who will work across global and local releases from both EMI’s New Music division and its Catalogue division.

Priority artists will also be supported by a global promotion function.

Further appointments in consumer insight, branding and innovation will be made in due course.

Global priorities – New Music

• Pietro Paravella – senior vice president, global priorities

Based in London, Pietro Paravella was previously senior vice president, international marketing, where he worked on the campaigns of artists including KT Tunstall, Moby and Daft Punk. He is currently leading the international set-up of the highly anticipated new albums from Depeche Mode and Lily Allen.

• Matthew Tilley – senior vice president, global priorities

Based in New York, Matthew Tilley was previously senior vice president, international marketing, where he led the international campaigns for artists including Lenny Kravitz, Joss Stone, Beastie Boys and, most recently, international breakthrough artist Katy Perry.
Global priorities – Catalogue

The global priorities team for Catalogue will be announced in due course.

Regional marketing

• Bart Cools: senior vice president, marketing – Europe (including the UK)

Bart Cools has worked at EMI for over 17 years holding a number of senior roles in the UK, Belgium, Switzerland and the Netherlands and has worked on campaigns for many of EMI’s most successful artists.

• Howard Handler: executive vice president, marketing – North America and Mexico

As announced previously, Howard Handler joined EMI at the end of 2008 after leading the marketing efforts for well-known digital, entertainment, sports and consumer brands including Virgin Mobile, the National Football League, MTV and The Quaker Oats Company.

• Adrian Cheesley: president, rest of world

Adrian Cheesley is EMI Music’s regional president for the world outside Europe, North America and Mexico, and he will now take additional responsibility for marketing in this region. Since joining EMI in 1990 he has held a number of roles including overseeing EMI’s operations in countries and areas as diverse as the Middle East, Eastern Europe, Scandinavia and South Africa.

Global promotion

• Carole MacDonald: vice president, global promotion

Carole MacDonald took up this new role last year and has most recently been managing the promotional activities for Katy Perry and Lily Allen. Prior to this she was senior international project manager for EMI Music in the UK where she worked with artists including Robbie Williams and Kylie.

All of these roles report to Sam van der Feltz, EMI Music’s president of global marketing, who said: “These executives have between them a broad range of entertainment experience, a deep understanding of their artists’ fans and strong track records in leading successful campaigns. With the establishment of focused global functions plus strong local teams, we aim to maximise the sales potential of every project and to break more talent around the world.”



Amanda Conroy, tel: 020 7795 7529
Richard O’Brien, tel: 020 7795 7447
at EMI, London.

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