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EMI Music Mexico congratulates the MTV Latin America Awards 2009 winners: Zoé, Panda, Paty Cantú and Hello Seahorse!

• Panda received the most awards of the night with three: “Best Band or Duet”, “Best Alternative Artist” and “Best Artist: North”.
• Zoé was awarded as the “Best Rock Artist”, while Hello Seahorse! got the award “La Zona”, that is granted to new bands.
• Paty Cantú got the award as “Best New Artist: North.”
• EMI Music artists performing and presenting during this unique 4-city ceremony, broadcast from Los Angeles last evening, included Panda, David Guetta, Anahi, Snoop Dogg, Eiza, Moderatto and Aleks Syntek.

The eighth annual MTV Latin American Awards 2009 combined ceremonies in four cities: Mexico City, Bogota, Buenos Aires – where local awards were presented – and in Los Angeles, where major awards were delivered.

Panda was the most-awarded band and received three of the celebrated “tongues” as: “Best Band or Duet”, “Best Alternative Artist” and “Best Artist: North.”

In addition, Zoé was awarded with the “tongue” as the “Best Rock Artist,” and also presented an award.

The independent Mexican band, Hello Seahorse! took home the award named “La Zona”; which is only granted to new bands.

Paty Cantú was another winner in Mexico City as a “Best New Artist: North.”

The award as the “Best Ringtone” was taken by Katy Perry for Hot n’ Cold.

Anahí presented an award with Snoop Dogg along with PeeWee. EMI Music artists presenting Awards in the Mexico City show included Eiza, Moderatto and Aleks Syntek.

Another big moment of the evening was David Guetta’s performance with Kelly Rowland of the smash hit, When Love Takes Over.

The MTV Latin America Awards 2009 were celebrated in a unique multi city format, with footage from each city included in last night’s broadcast from Los Angeles’s Gibson Amphitheatre.

Still to be awarded is “Best Live Performance During the MTV Awards 2009″, which will be announced in coming days.

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