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EMI Music appoints Ronn Werre and David Kassler as Chief Operating Officers

LONDON, 8 MAY 2009 — EMI Music has appointed Ronn Werre and David Kassler as Chief Operating Officers.

Reporting to Elio Leoni-Sceti, EMI Music’s Chief Executive Officer, Werre and Kassler will oversee EMI’s operations in 32 countries and help the company to implement its plans for growth and revenue diversification.

Leoni-Sceti said: “With our major reorganisation behind us, a strong new management team in place around the world and a clear consumer strategy rolling out, EMI is moving to the next level. Ronn and David are results-oriented individuals with multinational experience who will help us as an organisation to drive performance and deliver our ambitious goals.”

Based in Los Angeles, Werre will oversee all of EMI Music’s operations in North America and Mexico, while Kassler will oversee the company’s operations in all other countries in the rest of the world from his base in London.

Werre will also continue as President of EMI Music Services, the rapidly growing global business unit established last year to provide artists with a suite of commercial services – from sales and distribution to brand partnership, synchronisation, licensing and merchandising.

Werre said: “EMI Music has a renewed focus on top line growth and artist development in the key music markets of North America and Mexico. I am committed to helping the teams there to continue on that path and to deliver the best results for our artists and our customers.”

Kassler said: I’m delighted to be joining EMI full-time at such an exciting point in its successful turnaround. I look forward to continuing to work closely with local management to make our strategy happen on the ground.”



Amanda Conroy, tel: 020 7795 7529
Richard O’Brien, tel: 020 7795 7447
at EMI, London.

Ronn Werre

Ronn Werre was appointed to the global role of President, EMI Music Services, in November 2008. In this capacity, he leads EMI Music’s digital and physical commercial organisation around the world and is also responsible for building the company’s brand partnership initiatives, licensing its recordings for use in film, TV, commercials, video games and other content platforms, as well as EMI’s new merchandising business. This global business unit serves EMI Music-signed artists as well as third party artists and independent labels.

Prior to this, Werre was President, Commercial Development worldwide. From 2005 to 2008, he was President of EMI Music Marketing (EMM) in charge of sales, distribution, synchronisation and licensing and catalogue marketing for EMI Music North America.

Werre came to EMI in 1998 as Vice President of Major Accounts and moved through a number of roles to become Senior Vice President of Sales and Catalogue Marketing in the US in 2002.

Before joining EMI, Werre led sales organisations at some of the world’s best-known consumer products companies, including the Campbell Soup Company, the Quaker Oats Company and Coca-Cola.

He began his career at Procter and Gamble after earning a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration at the University of North Dakota.

David Kassler
At EMI Music, David Kassler initially led its UK & Ireland business following Terra Firma’s acquisition of EMI Group in August 2007, before progressing to a broader geographic role as President of Europe.

During that time he has been responsible for helping EMI Music Europe’s team deliver the first phase of a successful commercial and financial turnaround.

Prior to joining EMI, Kassler was a senior member of the operational team at Terra Firma for seven years, responsible for driving strategic and operational turnarounds in acquired companies.

His roles at Terra Firma included Chairman of Tank & Rast, the highly successful consumer retail and catering business serving customers on the German autobahn, where Kassler and the team introduced a wide range of new initiatives and services resulting in customer satisfaction levels over 90%. He was also Managing Director of drinks retailer Threshers’ local division overseeing 1,100 retail stores. During his time there he introduced new retail formats and diversified the product range to improve the customer experience.

Prior to joining Terra Firma, Kassler was a senior executive for seven years at Bass plc, where he held a number of roles including Marketing Director of the company’s newly acquired beer operations in the Czech Republic and CEO of barbox.com, a successful drinks and food internet wholesaling business serving bars, pubs and hotels.

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