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EMI makes senior appointments

EMI Group, the leading global music company, is pleased to announce a number of senior appointments in its two operating businesses, EMI Music and EMI Music Publishing.

EMI Music

Charles Allen CBE has been appointed non-executive Chairman of EMI Music, the recorded music business.Charles is an experienced media industry leader and was formerly Chief Executive of ITV plc.

EMI Music Publishing

Stephen Alexander, Terra Firma’s Operational Managing Director and former Chief Executive of Hillsdown Holdings, Allied Domecq Retailing and Lyons, and who has worked at EMI as President of its catalogue division for the last nine months, is appointed Deputy Chairman of EMI’s holding company, Maltby Capital and as Senior non-executive Director of EMI Music Publishing. He will be working with the publishing team led by Roger Faxon in a similar capacity to Charles Allen at EMI Music.

Pat O’Driscoll, the former Chief Executive of Northern Foods who has been the Chief Restructuring Officer at EMI Music for the last 12 months driving through the restructuring programme, has joined Terra Firma as an Operational Managing Director. She will take on responsibility for overseeing Terra Firma’s EMI Music and EMI Music Publishing investments.

Guy Hands said:

“I am delighted that we have been able to attract Charles Allen to this important role. Charles has vast experience of managing change in creative industries.His enthusiasm for music coupled with his business skills ad experience makes him an ideal non-executive Chairman.He has been advising us in recent months and has an in-depth understanding of what is required to drive the business forward.He has already worked closely with Elio Leoni-Sceti, Chief Executive of EMI Music, whose team is turning the business around.They are an ideal combination.

Stephen Alexander has been an Operational Managing Director at Terra Firma for the past six years and has been directly involved in overseeing the management of many of our investments.Stephen advised me last year of his intention to go plural in 2009, and I am delighted that he has agreed to take up this non-executive leadership role with EMI Music Publishing.He has proven management skills which will be of great benefit to the Company

These Non-Executive appointments are the final part of the process of putting in place a new management team at EMI Music under Elio Leoni-Sceti and at EMI Music Publishing under Roger Faxon.”

Charles Allen said:

“I am passionate about the music business and see great opportunities for EMI’s world-class artists going forward.This role is hugely exciting and complements my other non-executive positions.Elio is an outstanding businessman and I look forward to working with him and everyone at EMI.”

Stephen Alexander said:

“I am delighted to be taking up this position with EMI Music Publishing and look forward to working with Roger Faxon and his team. EMI continues to be one of the leading music publishers in the world and is well positioned to generate growth from new revenue streams and build further on its reputation for delivering the highest levels of service to its customers.”

For further information:Amanda Conroy for EMI
020 7795 7529

Neil Bennett and Colin Browne at Maitland for EMI
020 7379 5151

Andrew Dowler for Terra Firma
020 7831 3113

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