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EMI artists provide the evening’s highlight performances as Germany’s ECHO awards shine with a new venue and a first ever live primetime broadcast

Depeche Mode gives electrifying world premier live performance of single Wrong from their upcoming album Sounds from the universe

BERLIN – FEBRUARY 23 2008. Germany’s annual music industry award ceremony, the ECHO Awards, achieved an unprecedented level of visibility last night with its first ever, live primetime broadcast on Germany’s ARD channel, and a star-studded night of performance in a new indoor venue, the 02 World. Millions of viewers tuned-in to see the evening’s outstanding live show, with EMI artists providing some of the evening’s most electrifying performances.

EMI’s Helene Fischer received two ECHOs for Best Artist German Schlager and Best National Music DVD Production for her current DVD, Mut Zum Gefühl – Live (EMI Music Germany/Electrola). A multi gold- and platinum-winner, 24 year-old Helene Fischer has risen from newcomer to superstar in three short years and three albums. Fischer’s sparkling prime-time performance and pair of ECHO trophies are strong recognition of her extraordinary success.

EMI Music’s Coldplay received an ECHO award for the year’s most successful International Rock/Pop Group category adding another trophy to the continuing acclaim for Viva la Vida, 2008′s most successful album worldwide.

The evening’s undisputed highlights were live performances by EMI Music artist Katy Perry, who sang the single Thinking of You from her hit album One of the Boys accompanying herself on guitar in a stunning performance by this energetic, rising star. The show also marked the worldwide TV premier of Depeche Mode’s new single, Wrong, from their highly-anticipated new studio album, Sound of The Universe, to be released in Germany on April 17th. The vibrant track rocked the O2 World venue as Dave Gahan, Andrew Fletcher and Martin Gore played to an ecstatic audience.

Wolfgang Hanebrink, Chairman & Head Of Commercial Development EMI Music GSA said: “Tonight’s awards and performances have provided the industry and the public with a first look at a vibrant, new EMI. We’re extremely proud of Helene Fischer and look forward to her continued success in the future. Katy Perry and Depeche Mode’s performances added great excitement to tonight’s event – it was a real privilege for German audiences that Depeche Mode chose to premier their new single at this year’s ECHO Awards and we hope to see them back here to pick up a trophy in 2010!”

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