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Elton John makes guest appearance on new Alice In Chains album

Rock legends collaborate on title track for highly anticipated new Alice In Chains album Black Gives Way To Blue

Album in stores 28th September

Los Angeles, CA (August 11, 2009) – Among the many highlights on Black Gives Way To Blue, the highly anticipated new album from Alice In Chains, is a special guest performance by Elton John. The two rock legends collaborated on the album’s stunning title track, Black Gives Way To Blue, a heart-stirring tribute to Alice In Chains’ late lead singer Layne Staley. The album arrives in stores September 28th.

“We were thinking about adding piano to the track and a friend suggested we call Elton,” recalls guitarist/vocalist Jerry Cantrell. “I remember laughing and saying, ‘Yeah, I’ll get right on that.’ But I decided it was worth trying and wrote Elton an email explaining what that song means to us – that it’s a real, raw openhearted song for Layne. We sent him the track and got a call shortly after saying he thought it was beautiful and that he wanted to play on it. We were blown away. Elton John is a huge influence on me as a songwriter and having him on that song is an amazing honour for us.”

“I’ve long been an admirer of Jerry Cantrell and when he asked me to play on Black Gives Way To Blue, I was very flattered and couldn’t resist,” says John. “It was a great recording session with Alice In Chains for a beautiful song.”

About the collaboration, Cantrell says, “Elton was finishing his Red Piano run in Vegas, so we flew there and hung out for a few hours. Walking into a studio and seeing the sheet music for that song on Elton’s piano made it meaningful on so many different levels. The whole experience was pretty magical.”

Black Gives Way To Blue is Alice In Chains’ first new studio release in more than 10 years. The quartet (guitarist/vocalist Jerry Cantrell, drummer Sean Kinney, bassist Mike Inez and guitarist/vocalist William DuVall) recorded the album with producer Nick Raskulinecz (Rush, Foo Fighters) at Studio 606 in Northridge, CA and Henson Studios in Hollywood.

The full track listing is as follows:

All Secrets Known
Check My Brain
Last Of My Kind
Your Decision
A Looking In View
When The Sun Rose Again
Acid Bubble
Lessons Learned
Take Her Out
Private Hell
Black Gives Way To Blue

On August 22, the band will join Tool and Linkin Park at the Fairplex in Pomona, CA, to be followed by a headlining tour set to kick off September 4th at the 9:30 Club in Washington, DC. For show information, please visit www.aliceinchains.com

Over the course of their remarkable career, Alice In Chains has garnered multiple Grammy nominations, sold more than 17 million albums worldwide, wrote and recorded 11 top 10 hit singles and hit the top of Billboard’s Top 200 Album Chart with two No. 1 records.

Tour dates are as follows (additional shows to be confirmed):

Date               City                              Venue
August 22     Pomona, CA              Epicenter
Sept. 4           Washington, DC      9:30 Club
Sept. 5           Philadelphia, PA      Theatre of Living Arts
Sept. 7           Boston, MA                Paradise Rock Club
Sept. 8           New York, NY           The Fillmore
Sept. 11        Nashville, TN            WBUZ Buzzfest
Sept. 12        Indianapolis, IN        X-Fest
Sept. 13        Dayton, OH                X-Fest
Sept. 15        Toronto, ON              The Opera House
Sept. 16       Cleveland, OH           House of Blues
Sept. 17        Detroit, MI                  St. Andrews Hall
Sept. 19       Chicago, IL                 House of Blues
Sept. 20       Milwaukee, WI           The Rave
Sept. 21       Minneapolis, MN       First Ave
Sept. 24       Seattle, WA                Moore Theater
Sept. 26       Portland, OR             Roseland Grill
Sept. 28      San Francisco, CA    The Fillmore


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