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Darius Rucker’s ‘Learn To Live’ certified gold in the US

Debuts new video for top 10 Single, ‘It Won’t Be Like This For Long’

NASHVILLE, TN – February 11, 2009 – Darius Rucker released his debut country album on Capitol Records Nashville in September 2008, and with a two-week No. 1 single– Don’t Think I Don’t Think About It – and a follow-up Top 10 and climbing, It Won’t Be Like This For Long, Rucker is learning that fans love  Learn To Live. The album surpassed the 500,000 in sales making this Rucker’s first RIAA-certified gold country album.

“I want to thank everyone at McGhee Entertainment and Capitol Nashville for all they have done to get us to this point,” says Rucker. “Also, a huge thanks to Frank Rogers and all the writers on this record. Gold records are hard to come by these days, and I am proud of this accomplishment. Now let’s get to work!”

Learn To Live debuted No. 1 on the country albums charts with over 60,000 units sold within the first week, and since its entrance on the chart, the album has remained in the Top15 in country album sales.

With momentum building behind his second single and current Top 10, It Won’t Be Like This For Long, which Rucker co-wrote, this week also marks the debut of the accompanying music video which features intimate footage of Rucker with his family. This week, fans can see the video on both CMT and GAC. In addition, Darius talks about the Paisley Party Tour on GAC’s Headline Country Thursday, February 12th at 9 PM ET.

For additional information and upcoming appearances, visit www.dariusrucker.com.

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