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Coldplay – ‘Stawberry Swing’ short film premiere at Odeon Cinemas from July 22 and Babelgum web and mobile from July 20

Coldplay’s ‘Strawberry Swing’ is released on Parlophone as a digital download on September 14th. The short film will be commercially available on August 3rd and will be exclusively available on Babelgum web and mobile from July 20th.

The groundbreaking short film that accompanies ‘Strawberry Swing’ will be given an exclusive theatrical premiere at ODEON cinemas across the UK from July 22nd, and will be programmed in front of ‘Brüno’ and US box office hit ‘The Proposal’.

The innovative and charming Shynola directed film stars Chris Martin doing battle with a giant squirrel in a world drawn entirely in chalk. Music video visionaries Shynola are famous for their work with Beck (E-Pro), Blur (Good Song), Junior/Senior (Move Your Feat), and Radiohead (Pyramid Song) to name a few.

Coldplay play a stadium tour in the UK in September, and have just announced Elbow as the main support for their Dublin date. The dates are:

12 September
Manchester – Lancs Cricket Ground
Supported by Jay-Z and White Lies

14 September
Dublin – Pheonix Park
Supported by Elbow & White Lies

16 September
Glasgow – Hampden Park
Supported by Jay-Z and White Lies

18 September
London – Wembley
Supported by Jay-Z, Girls Aloud and White Lies

19 September
London – Wembley
Supported by Jay-Z, Girls Aloud and White Lies


With over 75 years experience, ODEON is the biggest cinema chain in the UK. It operates 857 screens at 110 sites across the country and accounts for nearly one in three of all cinema tickets sold in the UK.

An intergrated mobile and web content platform, Babelgum combines the full-screen video quality of traditional television with the interactive capabilities of the Internet and offers innovative professionally produced programming on-demand to a global audience. Babelgum recently launched an original mobile application in the United States, UK and Italy, that brings regionally tailored programming to smart phones – at present iPhone 3G, iPod Touch, Nokia (N96, N95 and 6210) – via 3G and WiFi.

Babelgum’s editorial focus is on music, comedy, film, urban culture, nature and the environment. Their content partners include, amongst others, EMI, Sony BMG, the Associated Press, PBS, BBC, VBS, Lonely Planet, National Geographic.

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