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Black Hole Recordings and EMI Label Services team up for UK & Ireland sales and distribution

LONDON, 6 MARCH 2009 – EMI Music and leading indie label Black Hole Recordings are pleased to announce a new sales and distribution agreement for physical releases in the UK and Ireland. The Dutch company is one of the top names in electronic dance music with its 10 imprints home to a roster of artists including top international DJ Tiësto. The first releases to go through EMI’s Label Services unit, part of its Music Services division, will be In Trance We Trust by Carl B and 10 catalogue titles including five from Tiësto on 9 March.

Arny Blink, managing director of Black Hole Recordings said: “We’re extremely happy to be welcomed into the EMI family and look forward to a long and prosperous working relationship. With their flexible approach and excellent infrastructure, EMI Music Services was the ideal partner for us to further develop our business in the UK.”

Matthew Crosswaite, EMI Music Services’ executive vice president for sales and commercial development in Europe said: “We’re delighted that Arny, Tijs and all the team at Black Hole Recordings have decided to partner with EMI Label Services in the UK and Ireland. They’re a great label that we’ve worked with in the past on a number of Tiësto projects and so we’re looking forward to working with them again.”

EMI Label Services supports both EMI-signed artists and independent artists and labels with a range of label and commercial services including physical and digital distribution, sales, commercial development, brand partnerships, licensing, synchronisation, merchandising, press and promotion. The unit has recently concluded deals with Bobby V, whose latest album entered the American top 10 at number seven last month, Lady Sovereign, Fat Joe and Twista and UK label New State Entertainment.

Other current EMI Music Services initiatives include working with Apple Corps, MTV and Harmonix to develop an interactive video game based around the music of The Beatles. The unit drove the EMI relationship with Apple for the launch of the new iTunes Pass with Depeche Mode last month, it worked with Tapulous on the Tap Tap Dance iPhone and is handling the global synchronisation and licensing for Norman Cook’s Brighton Port Authority project.

Black Hole Recordings, one of the world’s leading independent record labels, is known for releasing high-quality electronic dance music. Established in 1997 by Tijs Verwest and Arny Bink, the privately-owned label initially began as a platform for Tiësto’s own productions and mixes.

The company has scored major hits in the last couple of years from tracks by Tiësto, Andain, JES, Mr Sam, Cosmic Gate, Mark Norman, First State and many more which have received huge support from DJs all over the globe. The label recently formed a new company with Streamline Studios – Streamline Sound – which offers full service audio solutions to game developers.



Amanda Conroy, tel: 020 7795 7529
Richard O’Brien, tel: 020 7795 7447
at EMI, London.

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