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American label Wind-up Records signs with EMI Music

COLOGNE- 16 September 2009. EMI Music Germany today announced their international partnership with the legendary American label Wind-up Records. The partnership will see EMI Music take over the marketing and distribution of artists such as Creed, Evanescence, Seether and Finger Eleven throughout the world outside North America.

One of the first new releases under this arrangement will be the first new studio album from Creed in over 7 years. The album is entitled Full Circle and will be released at the end of October 2009 with the group’s original line-up: Scott Stapp (lead vocals), Mark Tremonti (guitars, backing vocals), Scott Phillips (drums, percussion) and Brian Marshall (bass).

This much-awaited event reunites one of the most successful rock bands of the last decade, creators of timeless alternative rock hits such as With Arms Wide Open, My Sacrifice and Higher. For rock aficionados Full Circle will be one of the biggest rock events of the year.

“We are very proud of this international partnership, which was piloted by EMI Music Germany.” says Uli Muecke, Head of New Music & Vice President of Marketing at EMI Germany. “Artists like Creed, Evanescence and Seether are an exciting addition to our roster and we look forward to giving them our support and expertise as an international repertoire source and strong strategic partner for globally-selling artists.”

Billy Mann, President of New Music – International and President of Global Artist Management at EMI adds,” Both EMI and Wind-up have a rich and proven history of building artists’ careers from the ground-up. We look forward to expanding further on Wind-up’s successes around the globe in providing the insight and innovation that leads growth.”

“Apart from new releases another focus will be on the Wind-up back catalogue that encompasses previous album releases from Evanescence, Creed, Seether, Alter Bridge, Finger Eleven and Drowning Pool, as well as soundtrack favourites such as Walk The Line and Punisher and Scream III,” noted Dirk Ewald, SVP Catalogue Europe, Japan, Australasia. “The Gold- and Platinum award studded Wind-up catalogue was unavailable for a while now so retail reaction to our digital and physical re-introduction campaign starting end September is very good. It’s is an excellent addition to our own product portfolio and we are looking forward to working with the Wind-up Records team and their artists.”

“I believe that this partnership will bring both companies success and offer a worldwide platform for our artists”, says Edward Vetri, President of Wind-up Entertainment in New York. “EMI’s global approach to sales and marketing will provide us with an international point to launch our artists in a strategic, coordinated manner. Wind-up prides itself on a commitment to artist development and EMI’s similar values will only increase international opportunities and cross company promotions.”

Jim Cooperman, COO and EVP Business and Legal Affairs for Wind-up comments, “The enthusiasm with which the entire EMI team has embraced Wind-up’s artists and catalogue has been overwhelming. We look forward to working with EMI to further establish the Wind-up brand throughout the world and to help make our artists household names in all of the Continents. In addition to Creed’s Full Circle we eagerly anticipate EMI’s involvement in forthcoming releases from our star-studded roster including Evanescence, Seether and Finger Eleven, as well as more recently signed acts such as Cartel, Hawthorne Heights, Emily Osment, Stars of Track and Field and Thriving Ivory.”

“With EMI’s innovation and vision and Wind-up’s talented roster of artists the potential of this partnership is undeniable”, adds Alan Galbraith, VP International for Wind-up Records. “Wind-up and EMI share a commitment to true artist development and EMI’s expertise in marketing back-catalogue is second to none. Working together we are confident we will deliver meaningful results across the entire Wind-up repertoire.”


About EMI Music
EMI Music is the recorded music division of EMI Group Limited, one of the world’s leading music companies. EMI Music represents artists spanning all musical tastes and genres. Its record labels include Angel, Astralwerks, Blue Note, Capitol, Capitol Nashville, EMI Classics, EMI CMG, EMI Records, EMI Televisa Music, Manhattan, Mute, Parlophone and Virgin.

About Wind-up Entertainment
Wind-up Entertainment Inc. is a privately owned company that was founded in March 1997. Wind-up Records, a subsidiary of Wind-up Entertainment is currently the largest independently owned and operated label in the United States. Wind-up Entertainment Canada Inc., Wind-up Nashville, and expansion across Europe reflect the growing global presence for the label anddevelopment of the company’s repertoire to encompass most genres. The label’s roster features Evanescence, Seether, Finger Eleven, Hawthorne Heights, Cartel, the entire Creed repertoire, and more than a dozen developing artists which include Company of Thieves, Stars of Track and Field, Thriving Ivory, Civil Twilight, Pilot Speed and others. Wind-up Entertainment also houses the publishing concerns Sakyamuni Music Publishing, LLC, Bodhi Music Publishing, LLC and Renfield Music Publishing, Inc., as well as Pronto Merch, LLC, a full-scale retail, on-line and tour merchandising company. Wind-up Entertainment also operates Wind-up Artist Development Corporation and Wind-up Touring, LLC.

Press contact for EMI Music- Continental Europe:
Amy Sloane-Pinel
Tel: + 33 1 56 55 77 66/+33 607 50 48 07

Press contact for EMI Music- GSA:
Friederike Wolf
Tel: +49 221 4902 2213/ +49 172 2808 712

Press contact for Wind-up Records:
Catie Monck, Director, Publicity
Tel: + 1 212 895 3140

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