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“Was muss muss” – the first ‘best of’ double album by German superstar Herbert Grönemeyer

Cologne, 15 September 2008 – Herbert Grönemeyer is to release his first ‘best of’, a double album, including a new single and a previously unreleased song in English.

Following a success story lasting over three decades, Was muss muss will be Herbert Grönemeyer’s first ‘best of’ album. It is scheduled for release on EMI Music Germany on November 21 2008.

Like no other German artist, Herbert Grönemeyer has left his mark on German music history, becoming sort of personal companion for many of his listeners with hit albums such as Bochum, Mensch, Was soll das and Bleibt alles anders.

Germany’s most successful artist, Herbert Grönemeyer has sold more than 17 million albums, received a World Music Award, among other awards, and has been honoured with eight German Echo awards for his musical career to date.

The double CD, Was muss muss, takes its listeners on a musical journey through time with Herbert Grönemeyer that lasts more than two hours: from legendary hits such as Mambo, Vollmond, Männer to Stück vom Himmel, Der Weg, Mensch and his brand-new single.

The ultimate Was muss muss special edition will be released simultaneously, complementing the audio experience of the double CD with a 72-page illustrated book, a DVD featuring all videos, a 10″ remix vinyl and a USB stick featuring rarities, remixes and lots of extras.

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