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War Child and EMI announce an incredible new album featuring all new and exclusive contributions from the biggest names in music

Heroes will be released in early 2009 on Parlophone, who are donating their profits to War Child

War Child are proud to announce the release of their biggest and most ambitious album to date.

Heroes, released by EMI’s Parlophone label in early 2009, features a unique and unprecedented collaboration between the biggest names in music history and today’s hottest artists, working with a concept that mirrors one of the intrinsic aims of War Child’s efforts in war zones across the world – to place faith in the next generation.

The concept of Heroes is that the biggest legends in music, including Sir Paul McCartney, Bob Dylan, David Bowie, Brian Wilson and The Clash, select one of the classic tracks from their own songwriting canon, and nominate an artist from the next generation to create a modern reworking of that classic song.

The full track listing will be announced in due course but already the album is shaping up to be a musical tour- de-force with the following amazing cover versions:




BRIAN WILSON nominating RUFUS WAINWRIGHT, who performs a medley of two tracks from “Smile”


Many tracks by hugely successful contemporary artists are still being finished; the completed War Child record will be an album of staggering musical diversity uniting the cream of musical giants from different generations.

The album cover has been created for War Child by John Squire, who did the artwork for the legendary Help album, the first to be released to benefit the charity.

War Child places its faith in the next generation and works to protect the most hard to reach children hit by a combination of war, poverty and marginalisation. They are the only child protection agency still operating in south Iraq, the only agency to have separated children from adults in Afghanistan prisons and the only international organisation working with ex-child soldiers in northern Democratic Republic of Congo

As well as being known for working in the world’s most dangerous war zones, War Child is famous for its association with the music industry – having broken records and boasting award winning albums.

Sir Paul McCartney said: “I have been supporting War Child since 1995. Their work with children in war zones saves lives and their work with those who take decisions that help them to do something about it saves even more lives. I think Duffy’s version of ‘Live And Let Die’ is great – I was really impressed. The breadth of talent on this project is amazing; it’s great that so many people gave their time, energy and support to this initiative. I urge everyone to support War Child.”

Miles Leonard, MD of Parlophone said: “Heroes (Vol 1) is the most innovative and exciting War Child album to date and therefore it was essential for me that Parlophone be involved. It is very rewarding to see so many artists giving so generously of their time for such a worthwhile cause. I’ve admired the War Child organisation for many years now so I am delighted that Parlophone has been able to lend its support”

Mark Waddington, CEO of War Child said: “The prosecution of war on children outrages us. And War Child shares this outrage with many, many people. The generosity of the legendary and talented artists who have made this album happen is helping us to harness this outrage and do something really positive for children marginalised by war, the real heroes.”

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