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Vasco Rossi is latest EMI Music International smash hit

EMI Music International has 11 number one albums around the world

LONDON, 3 APRIL 2008 — The latest blockbuster album from Italian superstar Vasco Rossi, Il Mondo Che Vorrei, is on course to be the latest number one album for EMI Music International, capping a string of number ones for the division right around the world over the last two weeks.

Reports from Italy suggest Il Mondo Che Vorrei has been racking up impressive sales at retail since its release last Friday and the album is already number one at iTunes. This release marks the first time in Rossi’s 30 year career when he has partnered with his label to create a new brand, ‘Vasco, We Love You’, co-owned by Rossi and EMI, which is being used initially to build and develop a new Vasco Rossi web community around the www.vascoweloveyou.it site. This is the only partnership of its kind between an artist and a music company in Italy.

In all EMI Music International either currently has or within the last week had 11 number one albums around the world, representing the diversity of the division’s repertoire:

  • Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – Dig!!! Lazarus Digg!!! (Belgium)
  • Raphael – Je Sais Que La Terre Est Plate (France)
  • L.O.C. – Melankolia/XxxCouture (Denmark)
  • Håkan Hellstrom – För Sent För Edelweiss (Sweden)
  • Bereczki Zoltan & Szinetar Dora – Musical Duett (Hungary)
  • Piotr Rubik – Oratorium Dla Świata – Habitat Cz.1 (Poland)
  • Utada Hikaru – HEART STATION (Japan)
  • Flex – Te Quiero (US – Latin albums)
  • Queen – The Collection (Brazil)
  • Cabas – Amores Difíciles (Colombia)
  • Now! 48 (South Africa)

EMI Music International also has a number of chart topping albums in various genre charts around the world including Sarah Brightman’s Symphony which is the top selling classical album in Taiwan for the ninth straight week, and Disney’s Greatest Love Songs which is the number one soundtrack album in Hong Kong.

JF Cecillon, president EMI Music International Labels, said: “This is a great result for our artists and for everyone at EMI Music International, a good solid platform that we can build upon. These successes have come from many different artists and projects – both developing and established artists, catalogue and compilation releases – from all around the world which highlights the strength and depth of our operations.”


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