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Thumbplay launches direct-to-consumer digital music store in beta including tracks from EMI Music

Millions of music fans now have instant access to DRM-free songs, downloadable to multiple mobile devices and players

NEW YORK -October 28, 2008 – Thumbplay® (www.thumbplay.com), the #1 mobile entertainment destination in the U.S.*, has launched a full-service digital music store in Beta. Through Thumbplay, millions of music fans can now download — wirelessly — DRM-free songs directly to select MP3-enabled phones as well as PCs.

To date, Thumbplay has secured rights to more than 1.5 million songs from major labels including EMI Music and Universal Music Group, and from independent digital music providers The Orchard and INgrooves.

Additional relationships and content deals are underway and are likely to be announced soon.

With access to music through both the Thumbplay web and mobile sites, customers now receive the instant gratification of fast, easy song downloading from any location. Moreover, audio quality has been optimized for superior mobile playback while file sizes have been kept to a minimum. In addition to the ability to download songs, to select MP3-enabled phones and PCs, the music can be transferred to most portable music players, including the iPod™. Customers can instantly and easily search for and purchase music in addition to theextensive array of other content the company offers, including games, videos and more. Thumbplay’s MP3downloads are .99¢ per song through monthly subscriptions. For $9.99 per month, Thumbplay customers aregiven 10 credits to be used toward any content on the service; MP3s are one credit, or .99¢ each. The valueto new customers is even greater, as they automatically receive 10 bonus credits in their first month of service.

“Right now, there are millions of customers who own phones that are already able to serve as excellent MP3 players; and, in fact, a significant number of consumers are now using their phones as their primary entertainment devices,”** said Are Traasdahl, CEO and Founder of Thumbplay. “The number of our customers with MP3-enabled phones has grown five-fold in the last 18 months alone. Naturally, we had to respond to such demand, and at the same time, we had to deliver the great customer-experience Thumbplay users have come to expect. I’m proud to say we’ve accomplished both goals today with our new digital music store, thanks in large part to such terrific launch partners as Universal Music, EMI Music, The Orchard and INgrooves.”

Thumbplay offers a wide range of entertainment content, direct-to-consumers, on more than 2,000 devices among every major carrier in the U.S.

The company has maintained and grown its leadership position in the industry by providing its users with the best possible customer experience, including live, “24/7/365″ customer service and a commitment to delivering the largest catalog of entertainment possible.

Thumbplay features licensed music, video and gaming content from some of the world’s largest entertainment companies, including EMI, Sony BMG Music Entertainment, Universal Music Group, Warner Music Group and Sony Pictures Television, as well as several independent labels and artists and video game companies.

Thumbplay’s mobile entertainment catalog is integrated into Clear Channel Radio, AOL and MSN Mobile sites.

Each month, Thumbplay.com gets more than five million unique visitors and its mobile (WAP) site (m.thumbplay.com) receives more than 12 million page views, making it one of the most popular mobile Web sites.
About Thumbplay

Thumbplay, Inc. is defining the mobile entertainment experience for U.S. consumers. As the largest and fastest growing mobile entertainment content destination, Thumbplay gives consumers access to the broadest and deepest catalog in the industry, spanning audio, video and gaming content from the leading music labels and artists, game publishers and media companies. Its innovative delivery and marketing platform makes it easy for users to discover, manage, store and share mobile content online and on their wireless devices.

Headquartered in New York City, Thumbplay was founded in September 2004 by Are Traasdahl and Evan Schwartz. It is backed by Bain Capital Ventures, SoftBank Capital, i-Hatch Ventures, Redwood Partners, New Enterprise Associates, Meritech, Brookside Capital Partners and Cross Creek Capital. More information can be found at www.thumbplay.com or at m.thumbplay.com from a mobile phone.

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