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The Kooks release new album Konk 14th April 2008

31 January 2008 — April 14th will see the release of Konk, the eagerly awaited new album from The Kooks. It is their second album, and the follow-up to their hugely successful 2006 debut Inside In/Inside Out which sold some two million copies worldwide and spawned massive singles She Moves In Her Own Way, You Don’t Love Me, Sofa Song, Eddie’s Gun, Ooh La and Naïve.

Konk was recorded over a six week period at the tail-end of 2007 in Ray Davies’ Konk Studios in north London, plus a week at Los Angeles’ Sound Factory. The sessions once again united the group with esteemed producer Tony Hoffer (Beck/Air/The Fratellis). Explaining how he came to suggest the album title, guitarist Hugh says, ‘I just started thinking how cool the studio is, and how much of a part of our sound it is.’

Konk features twelve tracks. There’s Gap which is classic Kooks, and Shine On which finds Luke exploring hitherto unchartered lyrical territory over the loveliest of melodies. It’s destined to become another lynchpin in The Kooks’ live set. First single Always Where I Need To Be is a tumbling rocker with a ‘do-do-do, do-do-do-do’ refrain that might just be the catchiest thing they’ve ever done. Sway and Mr Maker are other album highlights.

As well as headlining the NME Shockwaves show at The Astoria in London on Feb 25th, The Kooks have just announced a 10 date tour of the UK in April. They will also play second headline at The Isle Of Wight Festival in June. Watch this space for news of further festival appearances.

The Kooks will release Konk on April 14th on Virgin Records, preceded by their new single Always Where I Need To Be on March 31st.


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