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Sarah Brightman scores highest charting album in over a decade

New album Symphony earns biggest selling soprano of all time her most successful record in 11 years

22 April 2008 — Symphony, Sarah Brightman’s first album of new material in five years, continues its assault on the world charts this week by vaulting into the UK Top 20 at 13, instantly becoming the soprano’s highest charting album since her 1997 release ‘Timeless’.

The album has already garnered a remarkable set of chart accolades around the world, including a spectacular debut in the US Billboard Hot 200 Album chart at 13 (Brightman’s highest charting record in the USA). It hit number one in Mexico and the US Billboard Classical Chart, the top five in Japan and Canada and top ten across Europe.

Released by Charisma / Manhattan EMI on Monday 14th April in the UK, Symphony is a 14-track collection of all new songs, including duets with Andrea Bocelli, KISS’ Paul Stanley, Alessandro Safina and Fernando Lima.

Over the past three decades, Sarah Brightman has distinguished herself as the world’s biggest selling soprano of all time, with worldwide sales of more than 26 million albums and over two million DVDs. She has received over 150 Gold and Platinum awards in 34 countries and played to over 700,000 people on her last world tour alone.

Brightman is a pioneer in transcending and melding mainstream musical genres, from pop and Broadway showstoppers to operatic and classical arias. Her unique crossover style has helped pave the way for now high profile singers, such as Andrea Bocelli, Il Divo and Josh Groban.

As well as the new album, Brightman also has a starring role in Repo! The Genetic Opera, which was filmed in Canada, directed by Darren Lynn Bousman (of the Saw films) and will be released later this year. Sarah stars alongside Paul Sorvino, Alexa Vega, Anthony Head and Paris Hilton.

A world tour will commence at the end of the year, kicking off in Mexico and moving across the USA before Christmas. UK shows are planned for 2009.

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