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San-e Ichii appointed president and CEO of EMI Music Japan

Masato Adachi Becomes Director and CFO

TOKYO, 30 SEPTEMBER 2008 — EMI today announced that San-e Ichii will become president and CEO of EMI Music Japan as of 1 October. He will report in his new role to Adrian Cheesley, EMI Music’s president – Asia Pacific/Latin America.

Mr. Ichii, who has held senior positions in a number of major global corporations, joins EMI from Warner Music Japan where he was most recently its senior managing director and chief financial officer.

Adrian Cheesley said: “I am delighted to welcome San-e Ichii as the new leader of EMI Music’s Japanese business. His experience, passion and leadership skills will be invaluable to EMI Music’s development and success in the major music market of Japan.”

San-e Ichii said: “EMI is an established and attractive brand with a rich history of developing great artists and recordings both from Japan and from all over the world. At this moment of great global change in the music industry, the company remains committed to its goal of bringing music to as many consumers as possible in all the ways they want. I am honoured to be leading the EMI Music Japan team and I look forward to working with the wonderful artists, managers and employees associated with this great company.”

EMI also announced today that Masato Adachi will return to EMI Music Japan as director and chief financial officer, effective 1 October. Mr Adachi, who will report in his new role to Mr Ichii, joins EMI from Nike Japan where he was most recently CFO.

Mr Ichii said: “Mr Adachi’s great experience and knowledge as a senior player in the entertainment industry will be invaluable for our business and for the artists we serve.”


San-e Ichii

San-e Ichii started his career at a trading company in Japan called Tokyo Boeki Ltd in 1980, studying business practices abroad in several countries including Houston in the US and Melbourne, Australia, and earning an MBA from the University of Pittsburgh. In 1998, he became CFO of the Japanese subsidiary of Kraft, America’s biggest food manufacturer, before moving to the Japanese arm of global healthcare company, Baxter Limited, where he was general manager, business development.

Mr Ichii joined Warner Music Japan as director and CFO in 2002. While at Warner, Mr. Ichii headed various departments including finance, operation management and strategic planning. He also led negotiations for key deals, equity investments and major artist and licence contracts and helped develop corporate strategy and managed the early stages of the digital business development, growing the contribution of Japan to Warner Music’s overall business. He was promoted to the role of senior managing director and CFO of Warner Music Japan in 2005.

Masato Adachi

Prior to becoming joining Nike Japan where he was CFO, Masato Adachi was CFO of EMI Music Japan for two years. Before that, he was CFO of BMG Japan for four years. He has also worked at global advertising agency, TBWA.

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