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EMI Music announces leaders of three new business units

LONDON, 7 NOVEMBER 2008 — Elio Leoni-Sceti, chief executive of EMI Music, today confirmed the leadership of the company’s three newly-established global business units: New Music, Catalogue and Music Services.

New Music

Leoni-Sceti will lead the New Music unit as its president, in addition to his overall chief executive role.

The leadership of New Music will include:

Creative leadership

• Nick Gatfield, president of A&R – North America and the UK & Ireland
• Billy Mann, president of A&R – international, and of global artist management

Commercial leadership

• Douglas Merrill, will assume the role of chief operating officer of the New Music unit, in addition to his current responsibilities as EMI Music’s president of digital


EMI Music’s Catalogue unit will be headed by newly-appointed president of catalogue, Ernesto Schmitt, who will join EMI in December.

Music Services

The new Music Services unit will be headed by president, Ronn Werre, and will focus on driving additional revenues in areas including sales, music licensing & synchronisation, brand partnership and sponsorship.

Leoni-Sceti said: “I am delighted to confirm the new company structure and these senior appointments who will help us build a global EMI team and focus on delivering value to artists, consumers and business partners.”


For further information contact:
Amanda Conroy, EMI (London), tel +44 207 795 7529
Jeanne Meyer, EMI (New York), tel +1 212 786 8850

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