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Legendary soul singer Van Morrison returns to EMI Music

The live recording of Astral Weeks from the Hollywood Bowl to be released worldwide by EMI Music in early 2009 on Morrison’s own Listen To The Lion Records

December 18, 2008, New York – Multi-award-winning legendary soul singer and songwriter Van Morrison has returned to EMI Music, with a live recording slated for release in early 2009. The album marks the first record to be issued on Morrison’s own label, Listen To The Lion Records, which will be distributed worldwide by EMI. The album captures the widely-acclaimed live performance Morrison gave at the venerable Hollywood Bowl in November, which featured a breathtaking recreation of the Astral Weeks album.

“I brought these records to EMI because they seem to have people with vision, who have ‘ears’ and who understand the significance of the complex arrangements and the classic essence of recordings like Astral Weeks,” said Van Morrison. “They’re committed to maintaining the integrity of the records I make. That is what it’s all about to me.”

“Van Morrison is a true living legend, and he continues to inspire artists and fans that span generations and genres,” said Nick Gatfield, EMI Music’s president, A&R – North America and UK/Ireland. “We are delighted he is bringing his label to EMI and are very excited to bring his first release to the world.”

In his remarkable career, Morrison has become one of the most influential artists in the modern age. His album Astral Weeks, originally released 40 years ago, was heralded as a groundbreaking work and today is universally regarded as one of the most important albums in popular music history. Timeless music from the soul, Astral Weeks is ranked one of the greatest albums of all time by Mojo, Rolling Stone and Britain’s The Times.

“EMI has had the good fortune to work with Van over the years, but I am personally excited about this release because I worked with Van back in 1968 on the release of the original Astral Weeks recording” said Ian Ralfini, Senior Vice President, EMI Music. “This particular show at the Bowl was electrifying. For some of us it was a little bit of nostalgia and for others it was a brand new experience. But for everyone it was a great concert and a piece of musical history. We are honored that Van has returned to EMI.”

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