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Kylie and Coldplay win big at the BT Digital Music Awards

EMI Music’s Parlophone wins 4 out of 5 nominations

LONDON, 3 OCTOBER 2008 — EMI Music artists Coldplay and Kylie were the big winners at this year’s BT Digital Music Awards in London on 1 October, each winning two awards making Parlophone the most successful record label of the evening.

Coldplay won the Best Rock/Indie Artist category and their official website www.Coldplay.com was voted winner of the People’s Choice Award by their loyal fans. Kylie, whose website Kylie.com is hosted and managed by Parlophone, won the Best Digital Innovation award for www.KylieKonnect.com – her ground-breaking, cross-platform social network, as well as the award for Best Pop Artist. Both Coldplay and Kylie were also nominated for Artist of the Year.

Dan Duncombe, Digital Director, Parlophone said: “This is a great result for Coldplay and Kylie and underlines the importance of our consumer focused approach and our ability to connect artists with their loyal fans through understanding, innovation and relevance. Fans and consumers respond to the right content at the right time on the right platforms. We are very proud of the work that Parlophone deliver in order to achieve these goals and it is very rewarding for these efforts to be recognised by the fans as well as the industry and our peers.”

The BT Digital Music Awards are held each year to celebrate the best uses of digital technology in the music world. The awards, presented by Fearne Cotton and Rufus Hound will be shown on ITV2 on Saturday at 11.15pm.




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at EMI Group, London.

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