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KT Tunstall joins Cape Farewell for a journey to the Arctic

KT Tunstall heads off on an expedition of epic proportions this week along with fellow musicians such as Jarvis Cocker, Vanessa Carlton, Feist, and Martha Wainwright. They’ll be joined by various other artists, poets, theatre makers, and comedians, and led by Oceanographers and Geoscientists for a journey to the Arctic and to the frontline of Climate Change.

They take off this Thursday 25th September, on a boat which will voyage across the front of the Jakobshavn Glacier , one of Greenland’s largest glaciers which is moving at an increasingly fast rate – losing 20 millions tons of ice every day.

The ambition of Cape Farewell’s seventh expedition is to inspire the creative team to respond to climate change both in the Arctic and on their return. KT is already a big supporter of highlighting climate change and she hopes that this expedition will inspire people to do more.

You can follow the team live on the Cape Farewell website – www.capefarewell.com. There will be daily blogs, photographs and videos posted as the journey unfolds, so you can keep track of how KT and the others are gettting on!

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