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KT Tunstall announces Forest Tour dates

The fantastic K T Tunstall has announced two concerts as part of the Forestry Commission’s Forest Tour this Summer.

The past 3 years have been a hectic time for KT Tunstall as she has become established as a phenomenally successful artist both sides of the Atlantic. Her debut album Eye To The Telescope has sold over 4 million copies to date including over 1.5 million in the UK alone. Critical acclaim includes a Brit Award for Best British Female Solo Artist, The Ivor Novello Best Song award for writing Suddenly I See and a Q award for Track of the Year for Black Horse and the Cherry Tree. Chart success continues with the release of her latest album Drastic Fantastic including the hit singles Saving My Face and Hold On.

KT is extremely committed to green issues, has signed up to the GlobalCool campaign and even has her own 6,000-strong forest of trees in Scotland. These concerts will be supporting the Forestry Commission’s valuable social and environmental programmes.

Special guest support for both KT’s forest concerts comes from the much praised singer-songwriter Tom Baxter.

KT Tunstall will be performing at:

High Lodge, Thetford Forest, Near Brandon, Suffolk, Friday 6th June

Delamere Forest, Near Linmere, Cheshire, Sunday 15th June

Tickets £27.50 (subject to booking fee) go on sale at 9.00am Friday 15th
February from ticket hotline 01842 814612 or buy online at www.forestry.gov.uk/music

Info: www.kttunstall.com / www.tombaxter.com / www.forestry.gov.uk/music

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